How to Use The Cryptics AI Trading Platform

A step by step guideline at how to make full use of the various features of the Cryptics platform.

The biggest question that inevitably arises before any user when confronted with a new tool or device is how to interact with it or the interface. The Cryptics platform is a new tool for many, but the development team is eager to explain how the interface works to ensure that users are comfortable with starting their trading operations with Cryptics.

Forecast first

First and foremost, Cryptics generate automatically ongoing AI forecasts for next crypto asset movements within several time frames, namely:

· 1 day

· 1h

· 5m

· 15m

· 30m

· 4h

Such a step of movement allows the platform to provide a broad range of timeframes for all participants and allow them to choose the step they feel most comfortable with. Since the situation on the market can change very quickly, it is within the hands and judgment of each market participant to decide which timeframe they consider most suitable for their selected trading strategies.

Trade it

The Trading Bot allows users to use it as an instrument to automate trading operations. The process is very straightforward, as the user needs to follow a very simple set of operations:

· Buy QRP Tokens;

· Create an account on Cryptics;

· Choose the subscription plan and pay with QRP tokens;

· Create a Trading Bot.

trading bot creation example

Once the Bot has been created, the user needs to choose the exchange they wish to trade on. The list is very broad and the exchange can be Binance, Bitfinex or any other of the 160+ available on the market. Once the exchange has been chosen, the user needs to follow the next steps:

· Choose the pair they wish to trade (for example: BTC/USD, ETH/BTC);

· Choose how much they wish their bot to trade from the Exchange deposit;

· Choose the forecast/trading timeframe;

· Choose the strategy.

Choosing the strategy is the most important part of the process as there are a large number of strategies to choose from. The Cryptics team has implemented the most popular strategies in their interface, namely, Trend following, Swing, Scalping, and many others. If any of the available strategies does not suit the needs of the trader, the wizard interface allows the user to create their own strategy and have the Trading Bot carry out automatically.

But test it

Before moving on to real operations, the user has the opportunity to backtest the chosen strategy and make sure it suits their needs. The backtesting is done in a few simple steps:

· Set up the stop loss and take a profit ratio upon request;

· Backtest the strategy;

· Run it.

As trading involves a lot of charts, the Cryptics interface allows traders to see their operations on a series of charts. These reports have the simple goal of optimizing trading operations. The most important of the reports that is included within the platform is the PnL Report.

Once the user has made sure that their strategy works, they can check the trade log, check the statistics, understand what needs to be optimized, change the strategy or run an additional bot and compare the strategies in a live A/B test. The Cryptics AI checks all trading operations and proposes optimization options that the user can check and use.

Any interface may seem daunting at first, but with the necessary explanation, it becomes both convenient and profitable as users get used to the tools and start experimenting. Cryptics is no different as it is customizable and user friendly.

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