Overview of the main events in the market of crypto currency

The market of crypto-currency has renewed the record. The total capitalization of all crypto-currencies overcame the historical mark of $ 150 billion. In the network of bitcoins, the Segregated Witness protocol was launched. The fixing protocol took place two weeks ago, but the first containing the SegWit block was found only on August 24. The broker Exante launched the first investment fund based on the altcoin index. In total, the XNT index includes six crypto-currencies — ether, lightcoin, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Monero and Zcash. According to the company, investing in XNT will provide customers with security, convenience and understandable legal regulation. The XNT index itself grew 40 times since the beginning of 2017.


The bitcoin rate was corrected after last week’s records. As a result, the price of the crypto currency fell below $ 3800. Now bitcoin continued to grow, and there are all chances that the rate will again overcome the mark of $ 4500.

Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash) rate overcame the $ 1,000 mark, but then began to fall back. By the middle of the week, he had returned to the level of last Friday. Now the rate is around $ 480.


The ether (ETH / USD) has updated a monthly maximum of $ 340 and already now it costs $ 370. Approximately at the same time, the peak of the number of transactions in the ether network was achieved. Most likely, this is due to the growing popularity of ICO on its basis.


This week, lightcake (LTC / USD) quickly overcame the $ 50 mark. This happened on the background of the release of a new version of the lightbox network protocol, which, according to the developers, can make transactions in the system even faster and cheaper.


ipple became the main growth leader. Usually a calm currency for two days showed more than a thirty-fold increase in the volume of trading and a rise in value almost twofold. This happened on the background of news that the company’s developers announced a solution that in the future will allow to integrate it with the networks of bitcoin and lightcon. Now the coin rate has already fallen, but it still costs 40% more than a week ago.


August 21, it became known about the largest recent hacking ICO. The passwords of one of the organizers of the ICO project Enigma Catalyst were stolen, which allowed attackers to conduct a phishing attack on registered users of the platform. In total, users transferred to the account of scammers more than 400 thousand dollars. However, this did not prevent the project from successfully completing the presale of tokens, collecting $ 20 million.

This week the Estonian government announced the world’s first state ICO. New tokens called Estcoin will allow electronic residents of the country to pay for services received in Estonia, as well as legally invest in it.

American boxer Floyd Mayweather, apparently, decided to take up the ICO market and even invented a new name in connection with this. Last time his advertising allowed the Stox project to raise $ 20 million on the first day. The success of the current advertiser, platform for digital content trading hubii.network, while more modest — at the moment ICO has collected a little more than 1 million dollars.

Source: Cryptics.tech, @Cryptics

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