How to Delegate Cosmos ATOM with imToken Wallet on iPhone

With the launch of cosmoshub-2, transfers have been enabled on Cosmos Network. Although I recommend users to run their own full-nodes and interact with the network using gaiacli, I reckon there is a trade-off between security and convenience. Thus, started to explore software wallets, such as imToken. This is a step-by-step how to delegate your Cosmos ATOM with imToken wallet on your iOS device.

Delegate your ATOM with imToken on iOS


  • You have an iOS device and the software is up-to-date.
  • You have installed imToken version 2.4.0, downloaded from the App Store.
imToken 2.4.0 Wallet on App Store now supporting ATOM staking!
  • Pen and paper to write down your mnemonic.

Creating a Multi-Coin Wallet on imToken

  1. On your iOS device, fire the imToken app. The you should see the screens below:
Creating a multi-coin wallet on imToken on iOS

2. Make sure you choose a strong password with a combination of alphanumeric and symbol string of 20–64 characters (the longer, the better). Remember this password, as you will need it to use the wallet:

Choosing a strong password on imToken

3. Write down the seed words or mnemonic. Make sure you have written the words in order (left to right, top to bottom) and that the spelling is exactly the same shown. In the next screen, you will have to verify that you wrote the right seed phrase:

Write down your mnemonic

4. After verifying your mnemonic, you will land on your imToken dashboard. Note that imToken supports many tokens, e.g. ETH or BTC. In this guide, we will choose the COSMOS-wallet:

Dashboard of your imToken Wallet

5. After choosing your COSMOS wallet, you will see the following screen. To fund your Cosmos wallet, use the public key or address is the string on top starting with cosmos1. When transferring your funds, make sure you double-check this address, as mistakes will result in loss of funds. After the transaction is included on the Cosmos Hub, your balance will update accordingly.

6. Now that you have funded your wallet, it’s time to make a delegation. Tap on “staking” on the screens below. This will prompt a request to access your wallet address:

Funding your Cosmos ATOM wallet on imToken

7. On the Staking view, there are two tabs: My Delegations and Validators. Tap on Validators to view the list of Cosmos validators offering delegation services. In case you are looking for ours, it’s called Cryptium Labs:

Browsing through the list of validators

8. Once you have decided which validator you like the most, tap on it. This will lead you to a screen with more information about the validator. To delegate, tap on “delegate”. In the next screen, you can set the amount you wish to delegate (make sure you leave funds for fees). Once ready, it will prompt you to reconfirm the parameters of the delegation and input your password:

Making a Cosmos ATOM delegation to Cryptium Labs

9. When successful, you will see a prompt showing a transaction hash, which you can search for using any Cosmos block explorer. Your imToken dashboard should update accordingly, now showing delegations under your Cosmos wallet:

Successfully delegated to Cryptium Labs and updated wallet

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