How to Delegate Tezos’ XTZ with SimpleStaking Web Wallet and Trezor Model T

In a previous article, we walked through setting up a fresh TREZOR Model T and making a Tezos delegation using SimpleStaking Desktop Wallet. This guide will walk you through SimpleStaking’s Web Wallet, used in combination with a TREZOR Model T.

SimpleStaking Web + Trezor


As a rule of thumb, verify and do not trust. Check the website domains, app providers, retailers, and packaging.

Before continuing, make sure that you have:

  • You have an official uninitialised Trezor, and bought it from the official store Do not use second-hand Trezors or buy them from unauthorised retailers, as they could’ve been compromised. Generally, avoid using pre-initialised hardware wallets, Trezor’s packaging has lots of details that would indicate if a package had been pre-opened or not, e.g. the seal:
Check the authenticity of the hologram seal on your Trezor Model T

Getting Started with SimpleStaking Web Wallet: Importing a Tezos Account

  1. On a browser, open SimpleStaking’s official website: 🔒
SimpleStaking Official Website

2. As you see, there are two versions: Desktop Wallet and Web Wallet. This time, we will use the Web one. After clicking that button, you will see:

SimpleStaking Web Wallet

3. Time to connect your Trezor Model T to your device. After connecting, you might need to enter the PIN to unlock it. Afterwards, click on launch:

Get Started with Trezor on SimpleStaking Wallet Web

4. This will prompt the following window, which is requesting you permission to read public keys from your Trezor Model t:

Allowing SimpleStaking on Web to read public keys from your Trezor Model T

5. After clicking “Allow once for this session”, it you will see exactly what is being exported. In this case, it’s the list of Tezos public keys on your Trezor Model T:

Export multiple Tezos addresses

6. Now you will see this window, note that the button has changed to “continue to Select Address”:

Continue to Select Address on SimpleStaking Web

7. In the next screen, you will see all your TZ1 addresses available on your Trezor Model T being listed. Select one to continue:

8. This will prompt again a few windows requesting permission to export the selected key:

Grant permission to export your selected key

9. Now that you have granted permission to export the selected key, you can go ahead and give it a human-readable name:

Selected key imported

10. After giving the wallet a name, click on “Finish”:

Giving your SimpleStaking Wallet a name

11. Voilà! Your Tezos account is now ready on SimpleStaking Web wallet:

SimpleStaking Wallet Web Dashboard

Funding Your Tezos Account on SimpleStaking Web Wallet

  1. On your dashboard, left navigation bar, click on Receive Funds:
SimpleStaking Wallet Web Dashboard

2. In the To field, you will see your current account listed. Select it and click on Continue:

Select the To Address

3. You will need to have your Trezor Model T connected and unlocked. When ready, click on “Continue”:

Continue to Verification of your TZ1 address

4. This will, once more, lead to the verification windows. This time, you can verify that the address being exported matches the one displayed on your Trezor Model T screen:

Verifying the tz1 address

5. After successfully verifying your receiving address, you will be able to comfortably scan the QR code or copy the address to your clipboard:

Verified Tezos Address

6. When sending the funds to this TZ1 always double-check that it’s the correct one, else you may lose those funds. After initiating the transaction, it might take a few moments to be included into the blockchain:

Updated balance on SimpleStaking

7. Once it happens, you will see the balance being updated on your wallet dashboard.

Delegating Your Tezos XTZ with SimpleStaking Web Wallet

  1. Now that you have funded your account, let’s make a delegation. On the left navigation bar, click on “delegate”:
  2. On the Delegate Funds window, fill in the details: select your TZ1 account from the list; in the To field, paste the your baker’s TZ1 account (ours is tz1eEnQhbwf6trb8Q8mPb2RaPkNk2rN7BKi8, in case you want to bake with us); the amount you wish to delegate, and then the Fee you can use the default, or even use the minimum of 0.00142 XTZ :
Filling all the parameters for a delegation

3. It’s time for verifying all the fields on your Trezor Model T:

4. On your Trezor, you will need to verify and double-check all the fields above:

5. It will also prompt the permission window, this time you’ll be granting permission for reading the public key and for forging and signing a transaction:

Granting permission to forge a transaction and sign it

6. Congrats! You’ve just made a Tezos delegation with SimpleStaking Web wallet:

Successfully delegated

7. After the transaction has been included on Tezos, your account details will be updated and you will be able to see your TZ1 and KT1.

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