Brave New Coin

I just got finished reading Aldous Huxley’s dystopian classic from 1931, ‘Brave New World’. It had been on my reading list for over a decade and for whatever reason I just never got around to reading it. It was fantastic. Huxley’s world is one of a whole new future social landscape that develops as the result of advances in technology and new philosophical perspectives from which to understand them. Today CRYPTO 101 had the chance to interview Fran Stranjar, the CEO of a the digital asset project called Brave New Coin. Take a listen to the podcast.

Who is Fran Stranjar?

Speaking to us from the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand, Stranjar was born in Croatia before migrating to Holland where he learned English by watching US television. He has been in New Zealand since he was 8 years old.

“I’ve always just been that kind of guy, that instead of being a doctor or being a plumber or being a gas fitter, I would rather own the gas company or water works or hospital.”

Graduating from a private university with a diploma of marketing he moved on to his first job at a magazine publishing house where he was exposed to the entrepreneurial world as the print industry was dying and content was moving to the digital space.

Stranjar has been involved in Bitcoin for over 9 years. In 2010 he got participated in mining Bitcoin.

“I don’t know where that Bitcoin is, it’s on a laptop… I don’t know which ex-girlfriend has that laptop.”

He later enrolled and quit a Masters degree to move on to start his own business after growing fascinated with data and Bitcoin.

“The old lady in the corner was making more money from selling data than anyone else in the company.”
Fran Stranjar

What is Brave New Coin?

There are two division of Brave New Coin (BNC). The first is data.

BNC taps into 250 exchanges and over 100 DEXs and have been collecting all available data like the orderbook, listed currencies, volume etc. for years. They then blend that data to create a spot price for whatever currency across the globe.

“I don’t know what the price of Bitcoin is because it is totally different from this exchange in Russia than it is in this exchange in Slovenia. There is no price of Bitcoin it is just a price that is contextually relevant to you depending on where you are and what exchange you use. This area is going to clearly need better price discovery. Why don’t we just tap into all exchanges… and start blending them together?”

BNC is now distributing their collated data via API. For example, you can now ask Amazon Alexa the price of Bitcoin and the spot price quoted back to you will be the one BNC has aggregated.

“We have quite literally become the plumbing of this asset class to the old world. We supply pricing data blended from all exchanges to the old world. And we figured that was a great first step to help the old world understand and quantify and look at this stuff in the first place. They just want to see this stuff pop up in their systems.”

The second division is content.

BNC’s priority is quality over quantity. Taking a look at the crypto online publishing space there is plenty of content but not a whole lot of quality. BNC decided to commit to long-form journalism and detailed research in their commitment to quality content that doesn’t just fill the space with superfluous junk.

“We are trying to build the picks and shovels, the tools, to power applications, to power other products that connect into the old world.”

BNC’s Business Model?

BNC License their blended data to about 18 major market data distributors where it flows on to countless other third parties.

What’s next for BNC?

Stranjar revealed that for the past 6 years they have been working quietly on a third division, a tool they are calling ‘MyBNC’. This will be a full-blown, user-centrerd portfolio tool and news aggregator that evolves with the space.

“It is the beginnings of essentially an app store where we get to roll out more and more analytics, risk modules, information about companies etc.”

They plan on unrolling the beta program for ‘MyBNC’ immanently.

Why does the Space Need a New Portfolio/News App?

Stranjar’s answer to this question was interesting. The assumption most of us share is that a crypto news aggregator and a portfolio tracker are both valuable services in the space. With that assumption so widely shared, Stranjar then concluded:

“Who better to build solid tools than a market vendor in the first place?”

Part of his confidence in BNC’s ability to deliver these services with high quality comes from his knowledge of the norms in the data distribution industry of the space already. Stranjar claims to have poured much of his own money into building a steady and quality API that delivers reliable data from every single exchange. This blending of a larger pool of data on any crypto price than any other API or alleged spot price is what sets BNC head and shoulders above the competition.


Stranjar sees the future of BNC as a distributor of a global product delivered in multiple languages and in partnerships with reputable financial institutions across the world. They want to begin to be recognised as something akin to Bloomberg.

It is so important to have reputable data aggregators and distributors in this developing space. Brave New Coin have chosen to put themselves out there as a possible leader in that respect. So far they have delivered a range of high-quality products and services. It are companies like these that we need to get behind if we want a sustainable, respectable industry going forward.

Be sure to check out their homepage and listen to the podcast.