The Diary of an Unmade Man Ep 40

Episode 40: Protecting thy paper

This week I’m heading back to the subject of security.

I know cyber security month was back in October, but I just wanted to touch base on how I’m getting on.

Taking on a few tips about security hygiene, I have decided to take an old-fashioned approach to some of my online presence.

I have decided to go back to pen and paper.

After two huge news stories came out last week, it really came to mind about how seriously I take my security and how I share my information.

Firstly, was the story about Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos. A few private photos of Mr Bezos had found their way to the National Enquirer. A US based publication known for its outrageous and often loose news articles.

How the personal photography of Bezos found its way to the news desk of The National Enquirer is still open to investigation and debate, but I am sure the whole truth will never be known to the general public. And he isn’t the first person of notable position to have been put in an embarrassing position such as Jeff Bezos is now.

The second was the story about QuadrigaCXFounder Gerald Cotton. Mr Cotton is said to have died from complications due to the horrendous disease, Crohn’s.Crohn’s Diseaseholds a personal place to myself as Mrs D happens to have a friend who suffers from the disease. It is a very debilitating disease and is very difficult to treat.

With that aside, Mr Cotton’s death is said to have caused major implications due to no one else from the company having access to the private keys of some heavily loaded cold storage wallets.

For those who have never heard the term ‘Cold Storage’or ‘Cold Wallet’:

A cold wallet is a wallet which is kept offline and unattached to the internet. This can be in the form of a hardware wallet such as a Ledger or Trezor, or even something simply as a piece of paper secured in a personal safe. The main point is that it is kept offline or removed from the internet so that it is incredibly hard for someone to hack or steal anything from said wallet.

Some of the hardware wallets such as Ledgeror Trezorhave the ability to input a series of words to gain access to the private key if it is lost or forgotten. This is called ‘seed words’ or ‘seed phrases’. This is to give users a secondary chance to access their private key and stored crypto in the event of an emergency.

For my personal hardware wallet, I have given my seed words and instructions to one person I trust to carry out retrieving my little stash of cryptographic currency.

Obviously, I do not wish for an early end to my life, but it certainly pays to be organised and plan for the absolute worst. You never know what is around the corner!

Another part of my security hygiene I have been concentrating on is my passwords and usernames. There are very clever apps which can store such information, but there is always the issue of hacking, or losing the data online. Instead I am heading back to the old-fashioned pen and paper.

The other week I tasked Mrs D to purchase some retro notepads. I plan to transfer and organise all my important usernames, passwords and data into these notepads. I have decided that if someone really wants to get into one of my online accounts then they will have to at least work hard for my small net worth.

Don’t worry though, honestly, anyone that is sat there mildly panicking. I have a decent home security set up to protect my castle, and if someone believes the information of an average Dave is truly worth that much value then good luck to them. I’d be chuffed to be considered as a worthwhile target!

For as long as I’m involved in the world of crypto, then I plan on making sure my security hygiene is as good as I can make it and is of high priority.

There are some bad bad people out there. I have worked hard for what little I have so I intend on keeping it!

For more professional and expert advice on security you can listen back to the CRYPTO 101 episode with Ray Redacted (@RayRedacted) during cyber security month.

CRYPTO 101Episode here…

Stay safe out there San Diego…

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