Crypto Against Humanity!

Kyle Bryant
Jun 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Make money on your sinister sense of humor.

What is Crypto Against Humanity?

Crypto Against Humanity is a never ending game of Cards Against Humanity, where all participants compete to find the best matches. Crypto-economic primitives incentivize and reward card creation and curation. Users submit black cards to a Token Curated Registry and create white cards that each have an associated bonding curve market. Players participate by buying into the white cards that match best with the black card in the current round. One black card is chosen at random for the round every 12 hours. Players can make money by selling a white card they bought into early, or by creating black cards that the community deems valuable!

How Can I Play?

We are still building Crypto Against Humanity, but you can test it out at! We are currently running it on the Ropsten test network, but plan to launch on mainnet as soon as possible! You can get testnet ether here!

ETH Buenos Aires garden

Origin Story


Every good project needs a good origin story. Crypto Against Humanity was birthed by a team of four, including myself, at the ETH Buenos Aires Hackathon. What originally started as a team of two, turned into a team of three when I met Emily and Mike in Boston just 24 hours prior to the Hackathon at a local Ethereum Developers Meetup in Boston. At the conference, after polling the local telegram group for a designer, we struck gold and found our fourth member, Felix.

1.5 Days of Hacking

Through 36 hours of sleep deprivation, three Bostonians and one Australian seized the day (and night… and day) to create a game that will bring new users to the Ethereum network, and engage current ones. Our team believed laughter was the ultimate medium to attract a wide audience to our decentralized application, so we set out to do just that, all the while utilizing cutting edge crypto-primitives such as Token Curated Registries and Bonding Curves with some sagely guidance peppered in from Simon de la Rouviere.


I’m pleased to say that Crypto Against Humanity was honored as one of the five general winners of the ETH Buenos Aires Hackathon, but our team doesn’t plan to stop there. We will continue to build out Crypto Against Humanity and release it on the Ethereum main net as fast as our fingers can hack.

Check out our DevPost and our ETH Buenos Aires Presentation

Where Do We Go From Here?

We have a lot of work to do to get Crypto Against Humanity main-net ready. We’re adding and completing tasks every day on our trello board, in the meanwhile, we’d love for you to participate in our community! Here are a few ways to do just that!

Follow us on twitter!

Add a white card on our site @!

Follow us on Medium! — We plan to start doing weekly updates

Add issues and make contributions on our Github! (We’re 100% open source)

Email us —

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Crypto Against Humanity

An award winning Hackathon project from ETH Buenos Aires turned into open-source development project.

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Crypto Against Humanity

An award winning Hackathon project from ETH Buenos Aires turned into open-source development project.