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Short origin story

Over the last 12 months, Bitcoin price has increased ~6 times before its recent correction. An annual return of 600% sounds like a good opportunity for investors, right? What is more, if you know what you are doing and not simply buying BTC but rather investing in a diversified portfolio of instruments (including derivatives), then the return could be even higher. My crypto portfolio value has grown ~10 times over the last 12 months, significantly outperforming the market in return and volatility. I believe that the market giving such opportunities is definitely the one worth considering for investment.

First time I came across crypto in 2017. Not quite an early adopter (unfortunately…cause would I have entered a few years before, my account now would have some additional ‘000s), but still, the topic was less well-known at that time. I was inspired by an article about something like “How to make money with Bitcoin mining?” and bought an ASIC-miner just to try. What is much more important is that I learned a lot about Bitcoin, blockchain, and all this stuff. After a thorough deep dive, I realized the power of distributed ledger and its potential impact on the economy (some of which we do see already, but likely much more is yet to come). That was when I started to invest heavily in the crypto economy: large-cap cryptocurrencies, small altcoins, ICOs, IEOs, mining, stacking, and all other kinds of instruments. First, I was investing my own money, but later as I was getting good at it, I’ve raised some funds from other retail investors, gathered a great team, and started an investment fund. It was an amazing experience, and many of our strategies have generated skyrocketing profits, significantly outperforming the market. However, with the market crash in Jan 2018, this area became much less active, which together with a certain wave of disappointment and an absence of understanding on scaling opportunities, have pushed me towards the decision of returning to my initial life plan to work in the management consulting, which I did by entering Bain & Company. As for the crypto fund — I continued to manage the portfolio of crypto investment, but more in the passive style and with a lesser scale than before.

However, the market is waking up. So am I! Starting from the middle of 2020, I’m “back in business, baby.” Well, I was always in business, but in 2020 I returned to more active strategies, started to monitor the news, and analyze the market much more. Luckily, it pays the dividends — the returns I’m earning do outperform the market and bring joy to my investors and me. This publication is another initiative I’m launching pushed by this new wave of interest in crypto.

About the publication

To sum up the idea of this publication — the data-driven analytics of the crypto economy with the focus on news and events which have an impact on the real economy and consequently are important for a rational crypto investor.

I’m writing about the crypto economy from the investor’s perspective. That is, I’m covering the news and events happening in this area, which have an impact on my investment portfolio and the overall market value. To make it more useful for everybody (and myself), I’m highlighting the “so what” of each event and providing underlying reasoning for it in a structured format.

This reasoning usually includes some high-quality analytics I’ve come up with by myself or found somewhere. For me, high-quality analytics should be data-driven, use reliable sources, have solid logic behind it, and be properly structured for better understanding. Luckily, due to the nature of this area, there are plenty of good data sources. What is more, I know many sources providing some great analytical insights, and I have no shame in using these sources (obviously, naming the authors) as I don’t particularly appreciate reinventing the wheel.

I’m mostly interested in those things that have some fundamental value and potential impact on the real economy because I believe that this is something that matters the most in the long term. So that is why you can expect to read my discussions about this impact quite often.

I consider myself more an investor than a trader, and I usually don’t involve in technical analysis and short-term trading. That’s a definitely promising area and another potential profit source, but I’m just more interested in fundamentals. However, sometimes I do short-term trading, so I would occasionally discuss it.

Short-term publication plans (formats)

To make this publication more convenient for everybody (including me), I’ve structured the future posts in a few specific formats you can expect to see here:

  • News digests (weekly): a quick overview of the most important things which happened in the crypto economy this week
  • Portfolio update (monthly): analysis of the past month portfolio performance and some predictions and changes for the next month
  • Investment ideas (occasionally): some selected high-potential investment ideas with the underlying analytical reasoning
  • Thoughts on the crypto economy (occasionally): my subjective thoughts on what is going in the crypto economy overall, and what the future implications might be

Long-term publications plans

Even though I’m just starting the publication and short-term plans are already quite ambitious, I’m still making some long-term plans. So, yes, I do like to structure things and plan far ahead.

There are many ideas, but the ones I see as the most promising are the following:

  • Telegram-channel with the regular updates: same format as the News digest, but on a more regular basis and in the format of a Telegram-channel
  • Dashboards with the market intelligence: interactive dashboards showing the analytical market performance highlights
  • Collaboration with other authors: articles from other authors (looking forward to collaboration — please let me know!)

If you’ve read this whole intro post, and my ideas sound somewhat appealing to you…I guess you know what to do. Hit the “subscribe” button, and let’s keep in touch!

Obviously, as I’m just starting, I need to get this thing rolling and would really appreciate some reposts, claps, and so on. Finally, if you have any comments/suggestions, I would be happy to hear them!



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