FOMOStake BNB project sustainable?

Today I started to invest in FOMOStake another project for staking BNB. Will this project hold longer than BNBStake and SquadUp, that are already finished? At the time of this writing the project is just 12 days old and note that BNBStake lasted for 29 days and SquadUp only for 7 days!! So why would this project hold longer? A good question and I am willing to try it. I know it is a Ponzi scheme project in which you are dependent on the deposits of new investors. So what makes this project different?

Stories about my own experiences of my road to passive income with crypto. Especially with DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain but many more. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE! Join my Telegram group: or channel:

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R van de Kim

R van de Kim

Sharing my practical experiences in the crypto space.

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