Newsletter #4 Passive income with Crypto (wk18–2021)

Each week I will try to share my experiences in the crypto world. I am trying to earn some passive income with it, especially with BSC projects at the moment. I also hold some high-cap coins like BTC and ETH.

In this weeks edition:

  • The status of the “Moon” coins (MoonRate, SafeMoon, Octans and some more… )
  • The status of the DRIP community
  • Celsius and Nexo
  • New Yield Farming projects
  • What else …

Stories about my own experiences of my road to passive income with crypto. Especially with DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain but many more. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE! Join my Telegram group: or channel:

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R van de Kim

R van de Kim

Sharing my practical experiences in the crypto space.

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