Week 15: Passive income with crypto

WARNING: This is an “old” article and the projects are not up-to-date anymore. I am not in those projects anymore. Please read newer articles in case you want to know or goto to MyLinks.

It is week 15 of 2021 and this is the status of my journey into crypto land. Trying to have some passive income with cypto.

This week:

  • Learning the hard way of those shitty BNB staking projects
  • Increasing interest in Nexo and Celsius platforms
  • Stepping into some other yield farming…




Stories about my own experiences of my road to passive income with crypto. Especially with DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain but many more. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE! Join my Telegram group: https://t.me/crypto_and_defi or channel: https://t.me/crypto_and_defi_shout

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R van de Kim

R van de Kim

Sharing my practical experiences in the crypto space. https://linktr.ee/rvdkimmenade

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