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Week 17–2021: Passive income with Crypto

Each week I am sharing my experience on my journey of making passive income with crypto. Well there is nothing “passive” about it :-) But I really enjoy the journey and hopefully you too!

In this week’s newsletter:

  1. The status of the “Moon” coins (MoonRate, SafeMoon, Octans and some more… )
  2. The status of the DRIP community
  3. Celsius and Nexo
  4. Yield Farming
  5. Finished projects
  6. Status of the coins in my portfolio
  7. What else …

1 - The “Moon” coins

The Moon coins as I call them, because a lot of them have the word “moon” in them. Of course this refers to the fact that the teams hopes that these coin prices go to the moon. The basic model of these coins is the same, just HOLD them and earn more.

The fact is that the value has somewhat decreased and the momentum is a little bit gone. But this may come back of course. I have took profit in most of the coins, so I have earned back my initial deposits already. Now I am holding and sell whenever the value is above 100$.

I have the following coins:

2 - Status of DRIP Community

Last week I joined the DRIP community project.

I compounded twice and the current amount of DRIP is 83 and already 1 person joined my team. You can still join my team.

The price of DRIP dropped to $5.70. Hopefully it will stay there for a while

3 - Nexo and Celsius

Just keep earning my interest on both Nexo and Celsius platforms. The interesting fact is that both coin prices ($NEXO and $CEL) have risen considerable the last weeks, which makes the interest earnings even higher.


The most interesting coin that I am staking on Celsius is $MATIC. I receive 15% interest and this coin is doing better each week.


4 - Other Yield Farming projects

I am still doing some yield farming. Some better than other, but that is common in this volatile crypto world.


The price of $NEON has dropped this week from $2.90 to $0.46 currently. This is a little disappointment, so my daily earnings also drop considerably. See how this one goes the coming days.

Total Value Locked: $ 2,143,067
Market Cap: $ 531,477


I stepped out of my wBNB vault on ValueDeFi. I bought some extra “moon” coins from it. I guess I am to impatient and I have AD(H)D and this makes it sometimes difficult to choose :-) Well quitting something is also making a choice of course.


PeakDeFi is locked for another 16 days against a APY of 55%.
Global staked: 13,004,351 PEAK

There is also a PeakDeFi Wallet App available.

The Market Cap and the price of $PEAK are still rising, so I will go on staking and compounding this one.

Alpaca Finance

I invested again in this project because it is getting more and more attention and momentum I think. The price and the market cap has risen.

I deposited 0.77 ALPACA-wBNB LP tokens with a APY of 288% (APR 134%).

PancakeSwap and PancakeBunny

I think that these are one of the best known and biggest DeFi projects I know. I do not know why but I stepped out a while ago, but when I looked back this week the prices of $CAKE ($42) and especially of $BUNNY ($440) increased a lot ! I therefore bought some CAKE and deposited it into the CAKE Auto-Compounding Pool. Plan to buy some more CAKE and/or BUNNY.

Tosdis Finance

In the Tosdis project I do some farming and staking of the $SFUND token.

The price of $SFUND keeps around $1 and market cap is rising.

And good news too:

Dripping Finance

Another dripping finance with a Drip coin is Dripper.Finance. I stepped in on the 21th of April when the price of $Drip was around $4.62
Currently the price is $1.88.

There are only a total of 100,000 tokens available.


The SODA.DeFi is the only BNB staking project I am still in. The balance is 518 BNB, so hopefully it will hold a while, but you will never know with these kind of projects (as I wrote here).

Each day I harvest some earned SODA from the BNB-SODA Pool, which is around 2 $SODA ($SODA = $6.5).

Unfortunately also some projects ended this week.

5 - Finished Projects

Some projects finished unexpectedly this week.

  • Binanex
  • BNBCapital
    I still had some active loans which I cannot withdraw anymore. Those loans ended tomorrow.

6 - Status of my coins

On my Celsius and Nexo I have the “big” coins: BTC, ETH, MATIC.
On Nexo I also have EUR because I get an interest of 12%.
Current portfolio:
XRP: 60 (Staking on Nexo)
BNB: 4 (Staking on Binance, 15%)
ADA: 321 (Staking on Binance, 1.45%)
CRO: 1809 (
AAVE: 0,39

Last words

As always this is not financial advice! But just some crypto investment platforms I currently use and have experience with. Do your own research before investing and never deposit money you cannot afford to lose.
Feel free to ask me questions.

To sponsor / support me you can use my BNB wallet address: 0x20eC2b85a776551FF492218ed7badcE4FB9f16Fc

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Thanks, happy weekend and be safe !



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