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On ecember 18, The Graph, an indexing protocol for decentralized applications, launched its mainnet. This has attracted the favor of popular exchanges including Coinbase Pro, Binance, KuCoin and other exchanges that they scrambled their way to the launch of the project, which made The Graph one of the most valuable projects this year.

The Graph, renowned as the “Google” of the blockchain industry, is an indexing protocol for decentralized applications that enables developers to access blockchain data in a more efficient way. Developers can build their own SubGraph to define what data is indexed and how it is stored.

01 DeFi Market Recovers with The Graph on the lead

As GRT went viral around the crypto world, it is said that a new wave of market trends similar to that of DeFi will soon arrive. For many investment institutions, querying is a market with huge potential. However, so far there is no “Google”-level unicorn in the blockchain industry, therefore many investment institutions thought highly of GRT.

As DeFi, Filecoin and other projects of decentralized storage have gained their momentum, in the last six months, users of The Graph have grown by 10 folds from 1 billion queries in June 2020 to 10 billion queries in November 2020, an average of 550 million each day. Up to now, there are more than 3,400 SubGraph built via The Graph from mainstream exchanges including Uniswap, Banlancer, Synthetix, Aragon, etc.

From the popularity, it can be seen that GRT leads the way. According to Coingecko, since the launch of GRT, it has been the Top 1 of the hottest topics for several consecutive days!

From CoinMarketCap:

From the “Last 7 Days”, we can see that the increase of GRT has exceeded 220%, ranking the first of the board.

From Coingecko:

02 Maximized GRT profits from margin and futures trading

According to KuCoin, since its launch of GRT and GRT/USDT trading pair at 19:00, December 18, its overall increase in the last 7 days has exceeded 230% and even once broke through 600%!

Now KuCoin supports GRT spot, margin and futures trade. Facing such an increase, it can’t be imagined how much money can be gained by trading GRT in margin and futures markets! Indeed, there’s such a lucky user on KuCoin Futures who earned buckets of money. First, he went long the GRT contract by 10x and closed positions at the highest price of $0.78, with the yield of 5,000%.

Then he went short the GRT contract by 10x and closed his positions when the price dropped to $0.44, with a yield of 435%. What a miracle he made! However, please be cautious of the risks brought by futures and margin. It is always recommended to control your leverage within a lower range, especially in the fluctuated market.

03 Hunt bonus in GRT trading competition

If you’ve missed The Graph, don’t worry, KuCoin Futures come to rescue you!

To celebrate the launch of GRT Perpetual Contract with the leverage of 1–50x, KuCoin Futures has rolled out activities since December 20, offering 1,500 USDT of prizes! All users are welcome!

Activities will end on December 27th, seize the opportunity and earn profits during Christmas holiday! If you participate in the GRT trading competition, then you’ll have the chance to share 1,500 USDT!

How to participate:

Click here to register for the activity first and trade GRT contract during the promotion time.

KuCoin Futures will distribute prizes according to users’ rankings of trading volume in GRT contracts.

Details are as follows:

Although GRT price has decreased to $0.4, its price volatility still empowers GRT with a high capability of earning profits, especially if you can properly use margin and futures to earn more, then you’re way closer to financial freedom!

Magnify your profits on KuCoin Futures!



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