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4 min readJan 12, 2021


The new year has come, when many are saying farewell to 2020 and ushering in 2021, let’s have a review of the magic 2020 first. In the last year, crypto insiders have witnessed the 3.12 crash, BTC halving, Black Swan, entry of institutions, a new high of BTC value, etc.

Over the last two months, BTC price skyrocketed, which brought back the bull market in the crypto world and added a vote of confidence for the brilliant prospects in the brand-new 2021.

BTC broke a new high, a promising future for the crypto world

In 2020, combined with the BTC halving and the support from Grayscale, BTC recorded a new high in November and even broke through $40,000 recently. According to CoinGecko, BTC price saw an upward trend from November 2020 to January 2021. When entering into 2021, the uprising of BTC price is even more formidable. Only within 7 days, BTC price has soared by $11,000. Compared with the $3,800 on 3.12, now the price has increased by more than 10 folds. If the momentum is kept, BTC price will be like on a highway.

With the uprising of BTC price, the crypto world also embraces a promising future. Popular currencies like ETH, DOT and less-popular ones all saw a rise. According to CoinGecko, apart from BTC and USDT, all other coins/tokens have increased by 20% within 7 days. Among the top currencies, ETH finally broke the ceiling of $1,000 and keeps climbing up.

BTC broke through 40,000 USDT, go magnify your profits by Futures trading

Faced with the bull market in the crypto world, how to leverage limited funds to earn more profits? Futures trading is one of the best choices! You can magnify your profits there! Then which Exchange is the best? Today I’m going to recommend KuCoin Futures.

Recently, KuCoin Futures has rolled out $10,000 New Year Bonus for all users! For experienced investors, it’s another chance to hunt bonus; for freshmen, it’s also a good time to have a try on futures trading. All users of KuCoin Futures can claim the limited bonus this time, first come, first served!

Besides, users can also share $30,000 by trading any amount of futures! What’s more, you can also lead your way to rank top in the ranking of trading volume and win up to $5,000 bonus!

According to CoinGecko, KuCoin Futures ranks 14th in the world, therefore security can be absolutely assured. KuCoin Futures also ranks high in 24h Open Interest and 24h Volume. Next, I’m going to share with you the rules of the trading competition of KuCoin Futures, let’s go hunt more bonus!

KuCoin Futures rolled out a $100,000 New Year Bonus!

BONUS ONE: $50,000 airdrop for every user!

Users can enable futures trading and complete the following missions to claim $5 worth of airdrop. Only 10,000 airdrops, first come, first served!

BONUS TWO: Trade futures to share $30,000

During the activity, users whose futures trading volume ≥ 1,000USDT can EQUALLY share 30,000 USDT.

BONUS THREE: Lead your way to the top and win up to $5,000

During the activity, users can trade futures at any amount and share bonus according to their trading volume. Up to $5,000 is waiting for you!

The details are as follows:

How to participate?

During the activity, by trading any contract on KuCoin Futures and filling in the registration form, you can enjoy the benefits mentioned above!

Every user can participate in the KuCoin Futures trading competition and share $100,000, don’t hesitate! Bonuses are waiting for you!

Tip: Users can claim the above bonuses for more than one time.



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