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5 min readDec 16, 2020


The recent trends of Bitcoin are indeed breathtaking.

Just last month, when we indulged in the shopping carnival of “Black Friday”, Grayscale, the largest crypto-holder in the crypto field, was on a vacation. It was in the middle of the break, the price of BTC dropped sharply which set off a chain reaction in the crypto market with traders selling off and crushing the market, positions worth tens of billions in the futures market were liquidated. The whole crypto world went into a panic.

By November 30, the BTC price climbed to a new high and hit the headlines of popular media. After the ups and downs for three years, the price of BTC finally broke the ceiling, and November 30 had become the most memorable day in the crypto world. A new wave of the bull market may be around the corner.

However, unfortunately, the trend did not last long as we had expected. Instead, the BTC price fell from $20,000 to $18,000 and kept floating around that price. Many players refuse to accept the fact that they have to pray for the rise of the BTC price day and night again. Yet another good news has come from KuCoin, which is the bonus offered in 12.12 Super Week!

Having just indulged in the impulsive spending on Black Friday shopping spree, there comes Christmas that I have no immunity with, all I want to say is “Oh no, my money!”

If you’ve already enjoyed the shopping spree and saddled with debt, then you must not miss the following strategies for bonus-hunting, which will definitely surprise you!

How to hunt bonus on 12.12 Super Week?

KuCoin Futures rolled out a 12.12 Super Week for crypto fans, stop burying yourself in spending money for “Christmas Shopping”, let’s go to KuCoin and earn money!

This time there are TWO activities, THREE bonuses offered in the SUPER WEEK! A total of 100,000 USDT, iPhone 12 Pro and 1 BTC are waiting for you!

Click to join now: http://bit.ly/3nqzIGz

01 ETH Trading Competition! — The Last Day to Participate

Join trading competition of ETH-Coin margined contracts and share 20,000 USDT prize pool. The bonus for individuals is up to 1,212 USDT! Participate in the activity and you will get a chance to share the 1,2000 USDT Participation Reward.

Besides the 20,000 USDT bonus, KuCoin Futures has also offered a 50,000 USDT bonus for traders. Deposit or transfer ETH on KuCoin Futures, and you can be able to get a share of it. The top bonus for personnel is up to 500 USDT.

PS: The ETH deposit will end at 12.12, go join it now!

02 Futures Brawl!

The Futures Brawl has become a tradition of KuCoin Futures. Through exciting battles and brawls, you can gain happiness and profits both at the same time with just a click of the mouse.

During the 12.12 Super Week, KuCoin Futures has offered a 3,000 USDT bonus for players at KuCoin Futures. Not only can you start the battle with traders around the world, but also you can earn bonus or points to get LearderBoard ranking. What’s better, there’s a new feature — the Wheel of Fortune! You can try your luck to draw an iPhone12 Pro and 1 BTC!

03 Lucky Box!

There are also Lucky Boxes waiting for you. “The Half-Year Lucky Box” can be returned in full. The rewards will be distributed to your Futures Account on each subsequent Friday starting on December 18 and lasting for 25 weeks, where you’ll receive 20 USDT + a 10 USDT trial fund coupon + a 10 USDT trading fee coupon, which means it’s 100% CASHBACK and you can get 100% OFF.

Not only does the USDT bonus can be WITHDRAWN or TRANSFERRED, but also you can use it for all of trading, no matter Futures, Spot as well as Margin. With these bonuses, you can open up to 1.5BTC valued position.

This Lucky Box is the most popular one right now and limited to buying once per user in the promotion period. Limited lucky boxes are available until December 21. First come, first served!

04 Invite Friends to Boost You Up!

Invite 5 new users to register on KuCoin and boost you up, both of you can claim a $10 red envelope! The more friends you invite, the more bonus you guys will get!

05 Extra bonus!

Bonus 1–12.12 Quiz!

Answer 5 questions about KuCoin 12.12 Super Week and share $1,000! Click here to join: https://forms.gle/MR9j7JfELUA3SuM97

Bonus 2: Guess rise/fall on Twitter!

There’s no threshold for this activity, the bonus is up to $100,000! Retweet to add the total prizes and if your side won, you can share the prizes! Click here to join: https://twitter.com/KuCoinFutures/status/1336680188453691392

All activities will start from December 9 to December 16, go participate in the 12.12 Super Week now and win bonuses!

Go get your share now in KuCoin Futures!



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