Hedge Your Crypto Risk With Celsius

CEL Token: The most stable asset to combat volatility

Earn interest and hedge against volatility risk

What is the Celsius Network?

The Celsius network is a platform that lends its users crypto to liquidity providers using high interest short term loans. Celsius is similar to BlockFi and Nexxo but passes on substantially higher returns for investors. Celsius has a very strong community with a goal to unbank the banked by passing on yields way higher than what is currently offered with high interest savings accounts. They pass up to 80 percent of the yield back to the community in the form of weekly payments…. which I can tell you feels really great! There's nothing like waking up on Monday to interest payments when the overall market is trending downwards.

What kind of Return Can I Expect?

Celsius offers different adjustable rates depending on the asset you hold with them. Currently Celsius offers the highest returns on their stable coins. Take a look at the insane yield you can earn holding your coins with the Celsius app.

Earn up to 10% on Stable Coins

What is CEL Token and Why Do I Want It?

The Celsius Network has its own native token that has a massive amount of utility on the network. What is this utility you may ask? Lets talk about the 3 main use cases.

1. Increase Yield on Holdings

Celsius offers the ability to earn interest in CEL token instead of earning in like kind. This means that the user may choose to deposit BTC, but earn their weekly interest payments in CEL token. Celsius incentivizes this behavior by offering higher rates, up to a 30 percent bonus, when earning interest in CEL token.

2. Decrease Interest Obligations on Celsius Issued Loans

In addition to offering loans to large liquidity providers, Celsius also offers retail investors the ability to take out low interest loans as a service to their community. They do not make any money doing this but instead want to help their community with low payment loans that can be accessed immediately after approval. I was able to fill out an application and receive the loan into my account within 2 hours. Celsius allows users to pay lower interest depending on the percentage of the users portfolio that is invested into CEL token. The highest discount is available to investors who have 50 percent of their portfolio in CEL. Currently the highest discount is 30 percent.

Please take caution when taking out a loan and be sure to read all the terms and agreements. To learn more about how collateral loans work please refer to my yield farming article!

3. Benefit From Price Appreciation as User Count Grows

Celsius token has a hard cap supply similar to Bitcoin. This means as more users enter the platform the higher demand is. Massive utility and limited supply means an increase in price. In late 2020 Celsius had under 100,000 active users. As of today Celsius has over 750,000 active users. That's massive growth!

The Celsius community is all about the HODL lifestyle. This became apparent during the last market dump. The whole market saw a decline up to 60 percent from its previous all time highs. The whole market except for CEL token that is!

BTC, CEL, USDT Price Comparison

CEL token holders refused to sell their CEL holdings and as a result maintained a solid uptrend as the rest of the market was crashing. This is a testament to the belief in Celsius’ ability to earn high yields in any market condition.

As you can see the relative volatility of Celsius was even lower than USDT during the dip! I am looking forward to increasing my CEL token holdings as a way to hedge against market volatility.

How Can I get CEL Token?

Right now Celsius if offering a LARGE referral incentive! Users that use my referral code and deposit 400 dollars of any currency will be eligible to earn 40 dollars in BTC. This bonus is on top of the current referral code that rewards users 50 dollars in BTC to users who deposit 400 dollars and hold it in their wallet for 90 days. That's up to a 90 dollar bonus for a 400 dollar investment. Keep in my mind you will also be earning weekly interest payments on that deposit.

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 1749295838 when signing up and earn $40 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! #UnbankYourself


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