How to Use Coin Switch to Shop your Crypto Exchange Rates

Don't Let Exchanges Rip You Off With Their Exchange Rates

Trade Crypto the Smart Way: Coin Switch

Shop and Compare Exchange Rates

With the help of users are able to choose a currency pair they wish to trade and view all the major exchange platform’s exchange rates all in one place. It’s really like the Travelocity of cryptocurrency. It clearly displays the exchange offering the most attractive rates and allows you to make the trade right there from their site.

There are over 250 supported cryptocurrencies and their associated pairings so I decided to test a few of my favorite pairs. It seems like the two exchanges that consistently had attractive exchange rates were Changelly and ShapeShift.

I recommend you keep an eye on ShapeShift with its attractive trading platform and low fee structure.

Make Sure Your in Control of Your Trades

Low fee trading platform: ShapeShift

Shape Shift is a new decentralized exchange platform allowing its users to make trades in FOX, its native token, to avoid paying trade or commission fees. It is currently still in Beta testing but I can confirm the fees to be very low even when trying to buy Ethereum.

Each Fox token held in the users wallet allows them to trade 10 US dollars of trading volume without paying a trade or commission fee. If you sign up now they are giving away 10 free FOX tokens or 100 dollars worth of commission free trading volume.

There is no way your going to want to miss out on this awesome platform. I do ask that if your goin to give it a try, you use my referral link as it goes a long way in helping the whole community.

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