Introduction Crypto Central — Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies for web, iOS and Android

After a couple of weeks of development, we are proud to announce the first version of Crypto Central is live! ✌️

As product makers and crypto lovers, we searched for a nice UX/UI app, with core features as market prices, profit/loss indicator and market capitalization but we never had a crush on the perfect solution. So we build it 😄

Another portfolio? I already use a couple of apps!

Yeah, I know, me too! But do you really want your data sold to some companies you don’t they even exist? Did you never ask for tokens/features that were never built on the product? Not tired of the poor UX yet? 😫

It’s time to make the switch! 😻

Let’s go to the moon together!

Crypto Central app has been built to enhance your portfolio, keep on eye on the market and read the last news of the Crypto world.

All coins are selectable from the exchange you used to get the most details about your trade. Check the price evolution and other information like profit/loss or average price.

Tell me more about the roadmap!

The core product is never done! We have tons of ideas that we want to share with you and you have a lot of needs that we will cover in a near future too.

For example, we would like to set some priorities on theses features:

  • Sync exchanges trades (no need to enter it manually)
  • Place order on exchanges (when the API’s allow us to do it — does anyone want Shapeshift set up on Crypto Central too? I’m asking 😏)
  • On the long term, we would like to integrate a Jaxx-like wallet to Crypto Central

With theses features, you should be the master of your crypto day! Obviously, we will add more exchanges and more tokens as we go. Ask us, we will do our best to integrate it fast as lightning.

You can also participate to our roadmap by upvote for your fav’ feature.

Want to give us a try?

Crypto Central is a platform already available on web, iOS and Android. Feel free to test it to become a Crypto Central VIP 🌟

You can contact us literally everywhere: doors of Facebook, Twitter, Slack and Telegram are widely open for you!

Jump on board now and let’s build a beautiful crypto world together.

PS: We are launching Crypto Central on Product Hunt next week. Feel free to subscribe and do not miss it