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1FLR — New Age Community

You can get free 1FLR from here.

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Many people have lost the chance to get DOGE, SHIB, and many other currencies when they can get it for free. But this currency is different from those meme coins. But they are still free right now.

1FLR is the utility token, which is on Polygon Network. In the future, this can be a new huge thing, because it has utility and a very loyal community.

I myself am a member of this community for the last 1 year. Last year, when DOGE was not so cool, they have given me 100 Doges, though now the DOGE faucet has been closed and is now exchanged with the MATIC.

Pipe flare is the community that supports Independent gamers and gives some free MATIC, ZEC, and its native currency 1FLR. There are many supporters of this community.

You can visit here and sign up for this community:

You can get a 1FLR token for free. Hope this community will also be as successful as the doge community.

Himanshu India
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