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ETH — The New Age Currency

ETH is more than Bitcoin or its other counterparts.

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Ethereum is a decentralized, open source with smart contract functionality. Ether is the native cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform, which we mostly trade and become millionaires.

There is a reason, why ETH has gone up and now has the capability of challenging Bitcoin Dominance and that too on its own.

Ether needs to be $15K in order to overtake Bitcoin Dominance. Ether doesn’t need any other cryptocurrency support, in order to diminish Bitcoin Dominance.

But it's not about becoming Kind in the market of Cryptocurrency. It’s about the utility of the blockchain for the welfare of mankind, and in that bitcoin has proved its use.

There are many currencies that are working on Ethereum Blockchain. It can be $MATIC, $USDT, or many other currencies which work on Ethereum Smart Contract.

The future of the $ETH is quite bright, with many developers preferring to use Ethereum blockchain, for making their apps.

Just the gas fees of the ETH are quite a headache. A normal guy will think twice when he’s sending $100 and the receiver will receive only $80 (when I used it took $20).

These issues make the use of ETH as a currency for a commoner like me not so helpful. It’s $5 now on, but it’s still quite like a bank transfer. This makes the point of the use of Cryptocurrency useless.

But for a big transaction, it’s not much, and I may prefer it if I have to send some thousand dollars. Maybe in the future, this will be reduced.

Till then, use ETH because it's the darling of Crypto investors, and it has the potential to 5x your money in the next 5 years.




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