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Is Bitcoin an option anymore?

Maybe you’re probably very late?

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Bitcoin, at $61K, is quite surprising, and it is one of the most unexpected rallies in the history of Bitcoin. This is because only BTC is roaring high and even ETH is not responding that much.

So maybe a FOMO has also come to your mind, but don't bring it now because maybe it’s too late now.

Even if BTC reaches $100K, It doesn’t worth your money, because it will just double your money.

So if you're investing $1 Million and want to make another $1Million then go ahead, but with a little hundred of dollars, it doesn’t worth investing.

Better to invest in other Cryptocurrencies, which are hotter than Bitcoin. Invest in the Future, not in the past or present.

So it's better to move on from Bitcoin and find a new darling cryptocurrency that will run your home happily and with pleasure.

There are many Cryptocurrency that is ready to take off and can give 10x returns. One is my favorite which is ADA and the other is some shitcoins.

Sometimes a joker can be more dangerous than most serial killers.

Invest on your gut and some analysis, it’s not that serious, it’s just another game with real money.

Himanshu India
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