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Welcome to the Crypto Community!

I have started this publication to help people know about Blockchain and Crypto Currency and to make people know it's worth.

As you all may know, Crypto was a crazy investment tool in the last decade, and there are many Crypto Millionaires because of that.

I would like to provide you an opportunity to bring knowledge about Crypto and Blockchain and write it here on this publication and make people know about how great is Blockchain and its benefits.

Crypto is not just a get quick rich tool, it's more than that, it is a revolution in the money market, and it can change the way of how we look at money. We don’t need it to be physical in order to buy things.

We stand by the right to reject an article if we find it less quality.

Your submission must:

  • Be a draft (not previously published)
  • Grammar checked on Grammarly or any Grammar checker.
  • Be spelling checked (please reread your article before sending)
  • Not be a sales pitch
  • Not be controversial (political, race, religion, or erotica. Etc…)
  • We stand by the right to reject articles if they are biased
  • Be titled and subtitled
  • You must link another writer’s article from the same publication
  • Have a copyright-free main image (Unsplash/ Pexels. Etc.)
  • Mentioned Image creator and where it came from.
  • Not be plagiarised or self plagiarised if you have published on another platform (If so, please change your words and sentences)

If your article is not suitable for this publication, we will guide you to submit it to another publication. We want to help you grow on Medium, like us.

Again, If you want to write about Crypto and Blockchain, then you’re welcome in this publication.

If you’re already a writer on our publication, You can submit your article by going to your draft and click 3 dots on the upper corner and click “Add to Publication” and then submit it to your Publication Crypto Community.

If you’re not a writer on our Publication, you can email us at

You will instantly become a writer once your article will be selected. This doesn’t mean that every article will be selected from then on without checking the content of the Article.

Please leave a comment on this article if you want to become a writer in Crypto Community.

We will add you as a writer as soon as we can.

Himanshu India

Quora | Incredible Bharat | Skillshare | Hi Dollar




A community of CryptoCurrency and discussion on the future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. All new writers and authors welcome in Crypto Community.

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Himanshu India

Himanshu India

Crypto and Finance enthusiast and avid reader of Indian Culture.

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