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World’s First Social Metaverse and a new age of Social Media

Uhive is the first social network to merge our physical reality with the digital world by following the Five Laws of the Metaverse.


You all may have heard about Metaverse a lot and a lot means, maybe every writer out there on Medium who writes on Crypto and Blockchain, may be writing on the topic of Metaverse. But it’s not their fault, Metaverse really is the really hot topic right now in the crypto world, and everyone is aware of it.

That’s why many projects are released almost every day in the blockchain world. Many projects are just new crypto startups, and many are to loot your hard-earned money in the name of so-called Metaverse hype.

Today, I am introducing you to the new Metaverse project, which kind of takes its teaching from the Social World.

UHIVE — A cryptocurrency for all

Many of you are using Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn to connect yourself with the world and also do creative things and watch the innovations of different people from around the world.

UHIVE is just like that, but it's quite a more innovative and rewarding social platform. As you know, with the introduction of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, you can earn by just watching videos, playing games, making art (NFT), Writing Articles, and many more.

Well, UHIVE also has this mechanism which makes it more worthy to watch than any other social platform. You can be an early adopter because there are only 1 million people right now, so you’re definitely early.

Benefits of using UHIVE


You can get 200 tokens by just signing up on this platform + 10 space names which can only be bought for 2000 UHIVES. Join: UHIVE

  • Dividends: Yes it pays dividends, that’s why it is a social metaverse. According to the developers, UHIVE believe in distributing their profits equally to the active users. (Communalism Concept)
  • Magna Carta Protocol: Developers of UHIVE believe in free speech and equality, which was enshrined in the modern-day Magna Carta or Constitution of the modern-day democracies. (Democracy Concept)

UHIVE is the hybrid of Communalism and Liberalism, it means that developers have tried to take good elements from both sides, and that’s what makes UHIVE, a platform to give it a try.

Five Laws of Metaverse

  • Internet
  • Evolution of Digital
  • Metaverse
  • Web 3.0
  • Successor State

Developers are ensuring that these laws are followed and as far as I can see, they are quite successful. The model of creating UHIVE is fascinating.

Where can you buy UHIVE token?

It’s an ERC token. You can buy directly on its app or website.

You can buy on these exchanges.

Thank you

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