Stars Group Issues Statement for Proposed Initial Coin Offering

In an over $40 billion global industry, football (soccer in some areas) serves as the world’s largest and most lucrative sport. The continuously increasing frequency of cross-currency transactions and lack of transparency in financial fair play makes the football industry highly susceptive to the revolutionary blockchain technology. The solution is being pursued by Stars Group, an ownership conglomerate of professional football clubs and subsidiary of Only4Stars. Stars Group will introduce the STARS token, a sports franchise-backed token on the Ethereum blockchain, as a means to providing a fundamental currency that supports the transactions of merchandise sales, ticket sales, live-stream broadcasting and inner-group player transfers.

Stars Group aims to utilize STARS token to disrupt the sports industry. The fluidity of a single currency, full transparency of the ledger and the decentralized nature of a token based on the Ethereum blockchain provides the company’s global stakeholders with the opportunity to participate in the exponential growth of the sports industry.

Stars Group envisions a day in which €198 million transfer fees, €1.8 billion broadcasting rights, $100 million sponsorship €198 million transfer fees, €1.8 billion broadcasting rights, £4 billion club valuations will all be transaction through digital currencies.

London — 2 October 2017 — Stars Group (“Stars” or the “Company”), an ownership conglomerate of professional football (soccer) clubs, announces today the launch of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The number of shares to be offered is 500,000,000 and the price range per share has not yet been determined. The Company will be listed under the ticker symbol “STARS” and has not yet determined which exchanges the token will be available.

The offering will be made only by means of a white paper. When available, copies of the preliminary white paper relating to the offering of these tokens may be obtained through the website.

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Note: This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy.

For media enquiries, please contact:

In the UK

Daniel Taylor

+1 914 374–1006 (London)

In the US

Brandon Muto (New York)

+1 650 483–1644

Morgan Zoroya (Philadelphia)
+1 248 933 9038

About Stars Group

Stars is an ownership conglomerate of professional football clubs operating primarily within Western and Eastern Europe. Western and Eastern Europe includes the key markets of England, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Slovakia and Turkey, which collectively account for over 60% of the €25 Billion European football industry. Stars, a subsidiary of the player and match agency Only4Stars, operates solely within the professional football industry. Stars is supported by 15 employees across six countries: US, UK, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal and Brazil.

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