How to buy

1. Create a SPL wallet

$CGOLDR token is available on the Solana Network .

Create a SPL wallet (Phantom)

2. Get some USDC

Buy some USDC on a centralized exchange (Coinbase, Binance, FTX, Kraken, etc).

3. Cross-chain tokens

Send your USDC (Solana Network) to your SPL wallet address.

4. Buy $CGOLDR

Swap your $USDC for $CGOLDR. Need a very small amount of SOL for transaction fees.

You can use



Here is a quick intro to Crypto Gold Rush

We are filming a new documentary Crypto Gold Rush attending major events and interviewing around the world.

We want to offer the community to be part of the filmmaking crypto journey.

Soon we will be starting a Crowdfund offering NFT’s for Executive Producer, Co-Producer and Associate Producer as well as IMDB. (Only IMDB if you want it — I know it is not DAO!!!! )

We will also be creating rewards for Special Thanks and Contributor Credits in the film.

We will be creating a Web3 DAO screening room for contributors to gain special behind the scenes access and of course the final digital stream or download of the 2 hour documentary.

CryptoGoldRush Team




Crypto Gold Rush is DAO backed and is documenting the evolution of crypto as it is adopted within art, finance, entertainment, government and technology with the introduction of the Blockchain, NFT contracts and the MetaVerse.

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