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How to buy $CGOLDR tokens

How to buy

1. Create a SPL wallet

$CGOLDR token is available on the Solana Network .

Create a SPL wallet (Phantom)

2. Get some USDC

Buy some USDC on a centralized exchange (Coinbase, Binance, FTX, Kraken, etc).

3. Cross-chain tokens

Send your USDC (Solana Network) to your SPL wallet address.

4. Buy $CGOLDR

Swap your $USDC for $CGOLDR. Need a very small amount of SOL for transaction fees.

You can use

You may need to add the mint address 838ByxAj4QFwA6mhs7gUzYw8tKjZ5NJSw3XQudAuGZZC to your token list

You may need to add the $CGOLDR token to your phantom wallet by using the token minting address 838ByxAj4QFwA6mhs7gUzYw8tKjZ5NJSw3XQudAuGZZC

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