How to celebrate Christmas with Crypto

Share, give — to others as well as yourself, reward and reflect during this beautiful time of the year.

Christmas — the time of love, sharing and caring — is almost here. Maybe the world of Crypto has been inseparable part of your life this whole year or maybe you have just recently discovered the magic of cryptocurrencies. Either way, with the correct approach, Crypto can help you make your Christmas even better. There are certain things everybody can do to celebrate Christmas happily with Crypto.

Give yourself a break

I know this may seem a little bit counter-intuitive — How does less Crypto mean celebrating Christmas with Crypto? But hear me out…

Even though cryptocurrencies offer huge possibilities for wealth gain, passive income and trading profits, all of this can also take a big toll on one’s mental health. Constantly monitoring the markets, feeling uneasy about open trades, taking risks in general and last but not least trading and especially day-trading can all be extremely stressful. Even if you can cope with the stress, you follow strategies and don’t get emotional, it can still slowly drain your energy.

With all of this said, I believe it is a good idea to allow yourself to take a break from trading and investing during holiday season. Close your open trades, don’t open new ones and stop checking the markets for a while. Crypto will still be there when you will come back.

One reason many people struggle to take a break from trading or investing in general is the fear they will miss potential opportunities (and so, profits). If you decide to take a break, you have to be okay with missing out on some trades, pumps etc. Remember, your well-being and mental health is far more important than any amount of money.

Think about this break from Crypto as you, recharging your batteries. Take a time to relax, spend more time with family and friends, stop worrying about how much money you make. You can jump right back into the world of Crypto after celebrating New Year with new opportunities waiting for you.

Reflect on your journey

This advice ties a little bit into the previous one. If you want to make productive use of the additional time (that you are now not spending on trading), you can reflect on your gains, losses, investments and strategies from this year.

Again, don’t stress about it, don’t try immediately implement new trading strategies and open new trades. Just calmly reflect and analyse the situation and your progress during the year. (I believe this may be a good idea not only in relation to cryptocurrencies.)

What investments are you proud of? How did your trading strategy work out? Is there anything you could do better next year? What are your goals?

Try answering some of those questions. Honest reflection is crucial for future improvement and progress.

Share your passion

If nothing else, Christmas is the time for sharing. And that doesn’t apply strictly to materialistic things.

If you are a Crypto enthusiast, if investing or trading is your passion or even a hobby, talk about it. I have seen too many people being embarrassed about their Crypto journey or not wanting to discuss it, because they were under the impression that nobody will get them or that nobody cares. However, that is rarely the case.

While it may not be the best idea to immediately start talking about nuances and technicalities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, every piece of experience, however small, is valuable for somebody else. You may very well find out that your brief mention of investing in Crypto as a hobby have inspired your cousin or sibling. You may discover that your aunt is looking for investing opportunities and now you are able to help her a little with that.

Not only will this allow you to wear the badge of your passion proudly, it will also make other people around you feel included in your life. (Which is usually something they want, when it comes to friends and family) If Crypto is your passion, don’t shy away from conversing about it when others show interest, even with people who don’t understand it (maybe they don’t understand it yet).

Give NFTs as a gift

Last but not least, if you really want to take the theme of Celebrating Christmas with Crypto to another level, you may consider gifting someone an NFT.

Now this will probably be practical only for someone who has around him/her people already interested in Crypto, but it’s still possible. If the person you want to gift an NFT has a favorite NFT artist, then it could be an especially nice gift. Or maybe the person has been a fan of some digital artist for a while and doesn’t even know they make NFTs. Then it could be a really lovely surprise.

I know this applies to only a small niche of people, but it’s still an interesting idea, something to think about and maybe it will inspire some of you. If not this winter, maybe in upcoming years when Crypto and NFTs will become even more popular.

These were some of my ideas when it comes to the topic of combining Crypto and Christmas. If you have any additional ideas, let me know. Thank you for reading.




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