How to Crypto: $1000 to $Million — Copy-trading

A half-serious article about how to get rich with Crypto Hunters’ recently launched 1K2M Challenge.

How does it work?

Nobody can promise you risk-free money or instant profits and that is not what we are doing here.

As a first part of our 1K2M Challenge (there will be more parts in the future to make it a safe hedge, stay tuned), we provide you with a free option to follow our proven trading strategies through copy-trading on a third-party platform Crypto Hunters’ founder AddictedToCrypto with his almost legendary-trader status is the mastermind behind the scenes that keeps on improving our strategies regularly to make safe and consistent profits, even in a bad market.

The use of copy-trading is a safe way to ensure you are the one always in control of your funds and that you can stop following our strategies whenever you’ll feel like it. It also inevitably aligns yours and our priorities, because now your profit = our profit, and our profit = your profit. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

So, how do you actually set this up and start trading like a Crypto Hunter?

  1. Register (for free) on Using this link will even save you 10% on fees.
  2. Deposit your funds to your account. We recommend using at least 100$ (in USDT) for each strategy.
  3. Open 1K2M Challenge page and under “Active strategies” click to “Copy” the one(s) you like.
  4. Fill in the parameters of a strategy you want to copy based on examples on this page.
  5. Press Create.

Congratulations! You now successfully follow one or more Crypto Hunters trading strategies. Hopefully we’ll make great profits together.

Please bear in mind that patience is a virtue — profits won’t happen overnight.

Experience to back this up

Maybe you aren’t convinced by the name Crypto Hunters or AddictedToCrypto, and you want to know more about the strategies, before you’ll trust them with your money. Fair enough. Transparency is a big deal for us as well, so let me present you results of CH strategies from recent years.

The overall philosophy behind our trading setup is that by using a combination of different strategies (Short vs. Long strategies along with trading multiple coins) we diversify our funds and minimize the risk. Keep in mind that to aim for 100% of trades to be profitable is an unrealistic goal, it will never happen. Our strategies work together to create overall steady profits no matter the market situation.

Let’s start with our most impressive result— BTC Long strategy in 2020:

Yes, 2027% from 1 year of trading (saving accounts who?). Obviously, the huge bull run at the end of the year didn’t hurt.

And how has this strategy withstood wild waters of 2021 market so far?

263% now, even more at the end of April. You can clearly see the impact of the 56% dump that happened mainly in May. We were still very profitable though!

Next, and also the last strategy I’ll present here is our ETH Short strategy for 2021:

As you can see, even during strongly bullish year we have managed to accumulate nice 42% ROI from short strategy.

We currently have 4 different active strategies on our account, if you want to see results for each one of them, check our official website. It is also important to mention that each of these strategies uses compound interest to make exponentially bigger profits over time.

Join 1K2M Challenge Telegram channel to keep up to date with important news and information.

Thank you for reading.




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Marek Holovský

Marek Holovský

Undergrad student, crypto and blockchain enthusiast working for Crypto Hunters. I write stories.

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