How to claim your $2,000 worth of free Uniswap tokens — Beginners guide

Gabriel Tramble
Crypto in 60 Seconds
3 min readSep 20, 2020

A simple guide to claiming $UNI tokens after the September 16th airdrop.

On September 16th Uniswap launched their $UNI token to the public. However, in an unprecedented event the Uniswap team retroactively rewarded early users of the protocol by setting aside 400 $UNI tokens.


Any wallet that interacted with the Uniswap protocol before September 1st is eligible for the 400 $UNI tokens.


  1. Go to this link (provided by Uniswap)
  2. Click Connect wallet in top right corner

3. Connect with an eligible wallet. Make sure the wallet interacted with the Uniswap protocol before September 1st. Preferably a wallet that automatically sets a high gas price (Meta Mask, Trust Wallet, etc)

4. Make sure there is enough Ethereum to cover gas fees, $20 ETH should suffice.

5. Once connected, click the three dots on the top right corner and click “Claim Uni” from the dropdown. You should see one of the following interfaces.

6. Next, copy and paste your Ethereum wallet Address to confirm eligibility and click “Claim UNI”. If you see the “Claim UNI” interface only then do as such.

7. Claim tokens and complete the transaction on your connected wallet.

8. You will receive the 400 $UNI tokens in your wallet once you see this notification.


  1. Coinbase Wallet Long pending transaction (gas fee error)

Coinbase Wallet has a default gas fee which might take a few hours to confirm. Preferably use Meta Mask browser extension or download Trust wallet on iOS/ Android if you are looking to receive fund quickly. The best way to do this is to export your private keys (in settings) from Coinbase wallet to Meta Mask or Trust Wallet. Make sure to do this safe and securely.

2. Insufficient Ethereum balance to cover gas fees.

Gas fees have been historically high so make sure to overestimate the amount that will be needed. At time of writing it takes about $10-$25 of Ethereum to cover gas fees.

3. Wallet Connection Error.

With mobile wallets, make sure you stay connected until the transaction completes to prevent errors.

4. Hard time claiming on the website?

Try to clear your Cache or use a private browser.


Goodluck !



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