Celsius’ Future Features

A unofficial list of announced, but not yet implemented features coming to the Celsius Network Wallet

Image Courtesy of Celsius Network

Last updated November 20, 2020. All timelines are estimates and are not official release dates unless specified.

New Coins

UNI and AAVE, as well as ZCH have all been announced as coming to the Celsius wallet but have not yet been added. Timeline: 2–4 weeks.

Biometric login

A long-time request from the community, updating the app to support Touch and Face ID is at the top of Celsius’ development list and should be implemented very soon. Added October 19, 2020.


First announced here, Alex clarified more about CelSwap here. This is a completely different service from the in-app swap. This is a Uniswap fork that uses CEL token as the base pair (so DAI-CEL, UNI-CEL, etc) with a lower fee than Uniswap (Alex has said 0.2%). Celsius will be providing the liquidity for CelSwap, and like all other ways that Celsius generates revenue, 80% goes back to depositors in the app. Launched October 31, 2020.

In-app Swap

This was first announced here, and will allow you to swap between coins in the app using Celsius’ liquidity pools with zero swap fees and zero transaction fees. Alex gives more details in this update, and even uses the example of taking a loan for stablecoins and then swapping that loan into another asset in the app immediately. Timeline: 2–3 months.

Proof of Community

This has also been referred to as Celsius Explorer, and is one of Celsius’ more ambitious features. It was first revealed back in August, and has also been discussed more recently as well. Proof of Community (PoC) is a novel blockchain-based system that will allow Celsius to independently verify several metrics, including AUM, interest earned, and interest paid out to depositors. The goal behind this concept is creating the ability to take what has typically been private, sensitive financial data and package it in such a way that it can be verified on the blockchain without harming Celsius or their customers. Timeline: 2–3 months.

Desktop App

Although it has been announced that Celsius is working on a desktop app, there is no real ETA for when this will be released. Timeline: 2–3 months.

Borrow against pooled assets

This has been discussed in the past, but has not been mentioned recently. However, Celsius has previously stated they were working on a way for users to borrow against a pooled value of all of their assets, instead of just one individual asset per loan.



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