Getting Started with Coinbase

A step-by-step walkthrough

Photo courtesy of Coinbase

Join Coinbase

Get Started

After confirming your phone number and email address, Coinbase will ask for some identifying information to help prevent fraud.

Verify phone number, email address, and your identity

Account Security

Install Authy

From the Coinbase home page, click on your profile icon, then select “Settings”– then select the “Security” tab.

Enable 2FA in Coinbase

Select “Authenticator” to setup Authy with Coinbase, and you will be presented with a QR code.
Open up Authy, add a new account, scan the QR code, and you’re done!

Add Coinbase OTP to Authy

Input your code from Authy, and your Security tab on Coinbase will confirm activation of your authenticator. You will receive text and email confirmations as well.

Validating 2FA Activation in Coinbase

Deposits, Buys, and Withdrawals

Bring up the settings menu, select Payment Methods, and then select Bank Account to setup your ACH transfer via Plaid.

ACH Deposits

Click on “Trade,” verify your identity one last time, and you’re ready to buy crypto.

Buying USDC

To select USDC, simply click on “Bitcoin” in the Buy window and scroll down to select USDC. Select how much you want to buy, make sure it’s using the correct account (if you have linked more than one) and then confirm on the next screen.

Crypto Withdrawals

Crypto Deposits

USD ACH Withdrawals




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