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Slide From the Stabelcoins as a Service presentation from Quantoz posted on Slideshare

10 Highlights From “Stablecoins Are Killing It” Episode #8 Featuring Bank Frick & Quantoz

1. Solutions are being created where end users use stablecoins without knowing it

2. Stablecoins can be used for micropayments

3. Stablecoins can be used to create new revenue and business models

4. End-user privacy can be maintained, or even improved, in compliant private payment networks

5. Stablecoins can be used to digitize and tokenize loyalty programs

1. StableCoins issued by Bank Frick are always backed on a 1:1 level with a regulated counterparty

2. Self-Issuance Is PSD II compliant without the need of an e-money license

3. The system was designed to enable an issuer to fit the StableCoins as a Service product to the issuers Business Case.

4. Stablecoin as a Service can only be used in a close loop ecosystem

5. Blockchain transactions fees are payed centrally by the issuer to increase user experience

Q1. What’s the most most surprising thing you’ve learned about stablecoins?

Q2. What do you think we’ll be talking about regarding stabelcoins a year from now?



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