5 More Thoughts On Crypto After Another Five Months Down The Rabbit Hole

Lou Kerner
Mar 26, 2018 · 7 min read
Three Thoughts Relevant To Crypto -A.K.A. The World’s First Global Casino

1. Nobody Knows Anything

2. Bitcoin Is A Confidence Game, Utility Tokens Are Awesome But Legally Challenging, Security Tokens Are Going To Be Huge

3. Blockchain Technology Is Going To Be A Disruptive Force Across Industries

4. DECENTRALIZATION Is Potentially The Most Disruptive Force

5. It’s A Bubble….So What

6. Governance Is The Biggest Risk To Bitcoin

7. Don’t Hate The Haters. Love The HODL’ers

1. Community Is A Major Differentiating Factor In Crypto

2. Zero Knowledge Proof Is A Thing

3. Crypto Will Have The Greatest Impact In Social Good


4. Many Cities Will Be Crypto Powerhouses

5. Crypto Will Go Mainstream When It Goes Mainstream


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Thought leaders in all things Crypto