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All In on Bitcoin

Trump is President of the Untied States. But he’s not my president.

I realize there are lots of people who felt the same way when Obama was President

We all have or own reality

We’re all forced to accept the worst of two evils

But there is one thing

That we can control

And its Bitcoin


And its not more complicated than that.

By definition

We all have to believe in something

We have to hold the chips of a certain house

And, for once, we can be the house

And that house, is Bitcoin


And every day

More will see the reality that I see

That you see

And more will be enlightened

And more will choose Bitcoin


And one day

We’ll wake up

And we will be so happy we choose Bitcoin

And it’s not more complicated than that

For those who choose Bitcoin


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Lou Kerner

Lou Kerner


Believe Crypto is the biggest thing to happen in the history of mankind. Focused on community (founded the CryptoOracle Collective &CryptoMondays)