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Announcing “Crypto Asia TV” — Episode #1, Tuesday, April 28th, 12pm–1pm EST

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Crypto is scaling in Asia far faster than in any other region in the world. More investment, more trading, and some believe, more innovation. Until you’ve been to Crypto Asia, it’s hard to appreciate.

Binance’s CZ’s killing it at the jubilant Asia Blockchain Summit in Taiwan, July 2, 2019

Since we can’t visit Crypto Asia today, we’re bringing Crypto Asia to you via Crypto Asia TV. Our first live episode (via Zoom), is April 28th, from 12pm-1pm est, and features Hashkey Capital, one of Asia’s leading Crypto VCs.:

A sample of Hashkey Capital’s crypto investments

Hashkey Capital is a division of Hashkey Digital Asset Group, which has invested more than $200 million in 200+ blockchain projects (e.g. Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, DFINITY, Casper Labs…) over the last five years. Hashkey Digital Asset Group is part of Wanxiang Group, a world-leading industrial-financial conglomerate, with over 40,000 employees and $72 billion in assets under management. Over the last five years,

We’ll start the show with a presentation from Hashkey Capital, where they’ll put the Asian Crypto investment ecosystem in to context, starting with the blockchain ecosystem in China and the eight layer one protocols that Hashkey Digital Asset Group is supporting there. They’ll discuss why Asia funds are gaining share during crypto in fund raising, which of those VCs are still actively investing, and what types of projects they’re investing in.

After the presentation, we’ll leave plenty of time for participation from the audience. We leverage the Zoom’s interactive capabilities to deeply engage with the audience, in what feels more like a conversation than a webinar.

Click here to register for the event on Zoom

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