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Announcing CryptoZtv— 24x7 Live Decentralized Crypto Content By The Community For The Community

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We believe in Crypto. We believe in Community. We believe in Decentralization. And we believe in Learning & Improving.

So we’re putting all those beliefs together and creating CryptoZtv to provide 24x7 live crypto content for the global crypto community, by the global crypto community.

In January, 2018, we started CryptoMondays NYC to engage, grow, and educate the crypto community. To date, there have been CryptoMondays in 57 cities around the world (Paris, Miami, London, Shanghai, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Singapore, Denver, ….). To the degree that CryptoMondays has been a success, it’s largely due to decentralization, as each city is run by a host or group of hosts in that city with sole discretion to host the CryptoMondays that they want to host.

So we’re carrying on that same tradition of providing decentralized live crypto content and community. But now were doing it digitally, largely over Zoom to start. And we’ve been doing Zoom “shows” for awhile. Here’s one from last week. That’s the “show” I like to produce. But countless other people have shows that they want to produce, and CryptoZtv provides a platform to help them produce their content and grow their audience.

We’re do this in a decentralized fashion so we can build the community that we want. After all, Zuckerberg gets the community he wants. Just this past week, the shadow banning by Twitter of Ryan Selkis (who has literally been doing god’s work, in my view, in getting people educated on COVID-19) reminder us of how centralized social networks struggle to solve for us. I don’t know what they’re solving for, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s us.

So we’re committed to turning CryptoZtv in to a DAO because we believe that DAOs are the path to a better tomorrow.

Were launching CryptoZtv with a handful of shows:

At the start, we’re asking you that you register for the shows above. The registration links can be found here on CryptoZtv.io.

But like CryptoMondays, we’re opening it up to the community to program the shows they want, when they want, leveraging our technology and our global crypto community. It’s your show, not ours.

We’re committed to being inclusive, and are eager to quickly start adding shows produced by more woman, minorities, and by people from countries round the globe. We’re aiming to be 24x7. And if the audience likes our content, we can have multiple channels. We’ll be an open platform allowing others to build apps on top of our tech stack to optimize for discovery. To optimize for monetization for those who want that. To optimize for whatever the community wants to optimize for.

It’s early days and we’re optimizing for speed at the moment. We look forward to seeing what the community does with it.

If you want to host a show, or help, or just know more, email us at lou@cryptoZtv.io.

Stay safe.

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