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Announcing “Personal Token TV” — Episode #1, Thursday, April 16th, 1pm–2pm EST

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We are a the dawn of a new age as the creation and distribution of value via decentralized tokens emerges. While the evolution of this new ecosystem will take us to places we can’t imagine today, one area that is emerging with massive potential, is Personal Token. Platforms are emerging to allow individuals to create their own tokens, leveraging smart contracts to provide token holders with an infinite array of value propositions. Given this emerging ecosystem, we started Personal Tokens TV to create an environment where we can share information and experiences, ask questions, and build community to help this new creation achieve its massive world changing potential.

Our first episode of Personal Token TV features several thought leaders, each talking about their experience creating Personal Tokens:`

Alex Masmejean — Alex is an active in the MetaCartel community, and is the Founder of Rocket, which enables holders of valuable NFTs to use them as collateral for loans. Most recently, Alex raised $20,000 by selling 1 million $ALEX tokens which give holders the right to 15% of all income Alex earns over the next three years, capped at $100,000. As shareholders, ALEX holders are also able to vote on various life decisions driving Alex’s ability to generate income.

Eyal Hertzog —Eyal is a builder. He founded Contact Networks, an early internet version of a social network. He founded MetaCafe, a video sharing site that reached over 50 million active users and was the first site to reward video content creators. After falling down the blockchain rabbit hole in 2011, he built community currencies until he saw that lack of liquidity was holding them back. This insight led to the Bancor Protocol. Eyal is now building deWeb, a framework for developers to build decentralized online services collaboratively while royalties are shared between the parties developing, operating and marketing these services.

Bradley Miles — Co-founder & CEO 0f Roll, a social money platform redefining how we interact online. There are currently over 100 communities and 3,500 active users on Roll. Bradley was previously the founding Research Lead at CoinDesk — a leader in information on digital currencies and blockchain technology. He is the author of #BreakIntoVC: How to Break Into Venture Capital and Think Like an Investor, a best-seller.

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