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Announcing The Blockchain Coinvestors Syndicate On AngelList To Invest In The Best Of Crypto

Click here to view our Syndicate page on AngelList

I was a partner at Flight VC, running the Israeli Founders Syndicate on AngelList, when, on June 29th, 2017, I saw the crypto light. I became of the the belief that crypto was going to be the biggest thing to happen in the history of humanity. I’ve been crypto 24/7 ever since, advising, investing, building community, and writing over 200 crypto related posts on Medium.

In August, 2019, I became an advisor at Blockchain Coinvestors, the premier blockchain venture fund-of-funds, started by two Stanford business school classmates, Alison Davis and Matthew Le Merle. I believed that a fund-of-funds was a great way for investors to get broad exposure to the leading private companies in crypto.

After working with Matthew and Allison for more than a year, I’m excited to announce our new partnership, the Blockchain Coinvestors Syndicate on AngelList. I’m excited to take this next step as I believe in Alison and Matthew, whose storied careers have each included more than 20 years in early stage tech investing. Notably, Alison was the CFO/head of strategy for the world’s largest asset managers (BGI/Blackrock) and is currently on the Board of Directors of Silicon Valley Bank, Fiserv and Collibra, and chairs the advisory board at Blockchain Capital. And Matthew is Managing Partner of the fund affiliate of the most active early stage investment organization (Keiretsu) and is advisor to crypto companies including Securitize, SFOX and Uphold. In addition, Blockchain Coinvestors has established a stellar Advisory Board including a former COO of Calpers and a former Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

As a result of their reputation, the team they’ve assembled, and hard work, Blockchain Coinvestors is now an LP in many of the leading crypto and blockchain VCs around the world, including 1Confirmation, 1kx, Blockchain Capital, Blockchain Ventures, BluFolio, Castle Island, DCG, Future\Perfect, Fabric, Hashkey, IDEO CoLab Fund, Pantera and Variant. Through those funds, Blockchain Coinvestors has provided it’s fund-of-fund investors exposure to 10 crypto unicorns, including BitFury, Circle, Coinbase, DFinity, Kraken, Ripple and Robinhood, as well as more than 200 other blockchain companies.

Beginning in 2019, via their deep crypto VC relationships, Blockchain Coinvestors started getting access to one off opportunities to directly co-invest, along with their VCs, in some of the leading crypto companies and projects including Coinbase, Dfinity, Filecoin, Polkadot Ripple, Brex, Uphold and Wyre. Combining their access and insight, and the access and insight I’ve developed in 3+ years of being crypto 24/7, we are now uniquely positioned to bring access to the best crypto investments opportunities to the AngleList community via the Blockchain Coinvestors Syndicate.

The last crypto bull market peaked at $830 billion in total market cap. We believe we’re in the early days of the next great crypto and blockchain bull market, which will dwarf the last one in scale. Given total crypto market cap stands at around $350 billion today, vast wealth will be created via crypto in the coming years. Blockchain Coinvestors is an established platform for investors to get exposure to that massive value creation, via their Fund, or the one off opportunities we’ll be providing, via AngelList.

If you’re an accredited investor, and want to learn more Blockchain Coinvestors Syndicate on AngelList, click here. We’ll be announcing our first investment opportunity in the coming weeks, and plan on syndicating 6–12 crypto investments a year.

Alison, Matthew and I look forward building this community, helping crypto go mainstream, and making the world a better place.

Lou Kerner

Bringing you the latest in all things related to stablecoins and CBDCs

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Lou Kerner

Lou Kerner

Believe Crypto is the biggest thing to happen in the history of mankind. Focused on stablecoins (founded JustStable.com) & communities (founded. CryptoMondays)

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