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CryptoMondays & Tokensmart To Host VR Events As Part of The Ethereal Summit May 7th & 8th

In addition to their awesome Ethereal Virtual Summit , we’re excited to work with Consensys to bring additional compelling crypto content to virtual reality.

We’re leveraging AltspaceVR software. So you need to download that to your VR rig, or your PC, and you’ll see the Ethereal Virtual Summit on the event board. Just click on that, and you’ll be transported to our virtual reality stage.

Audience participation is an integral part of our VR events, with questions and discussions with the audience encouraged both during and after the official presentations. So come ready to join us on “stage” if you’d like.

The Current VR Lineup For Ethereal Summit (all times in EST):

Thursday — May 7th

11:00am-11:30am — Sunny He — Advisor, HashKey Capital, one of Asia’s most active crypto VCs, with 200+ crypto investments across it’s affiliates

3:00pm-3:30pm — Ida Sadeh Man, Founder & Chairman of the Board of SAGA, a stable coin based on a “basket” of currencies. Ido founded Saga in 2017 as reserve-backed worldwide money, complementing national currencies, accepted by acclaimed financial institutions and governed by its holders

3:30pm–4:00pm — Evgeny Yurtaev — Co-Foundersof Zerion, which provides an easy-to-use interface to track positions across the DeFi landscape and recently introduced an open-source system of smart contracts that enables accounting across multiple protocols and dApps, while enabling other functions including “unwrapping” tokens to allow them to return their underlying components.

4:00–4:45 — Panel on the Future of NFTs in VR (via Token Smart in Cryptovoxels)

4:55–5:30 — Fireside Chat with Artist Josie Bellini (via Token Smart in Cryptovoxels)

5:30–6:15 The Future of Real estate & NFTs in Virtual Worlds (via TokenSmart in Cryptovoxels)

Friday — May 8th

2:45–3:15 — Ric Burton — Crypto Designer, who started in crypto by helping design some of the early concepts at the Ethereum for a blockchain browser and dapp store in 2014.

3:30pm–4:15pm Ryan Selkis — Co-Founder & CEO at Messari, a leading information provider (i.e. curated daily insights, market data, and research) for crypto professionals. Ryan was previously with Digital Currency Group, where his last role was Managing Director of CoinDesk.

4:15pm–5:00pm- Dan Elitzer —Investor at Ideo CoLab Ventures, which partners with early-stage distributed web projects and founders through co-creation, capital, and community. By partnering with world-class entrepreneurs and developers, we help put user needs at the center of distributed web technologies.

Also, join 5,500+ other crypto enthusiasts in the CryptoMondaysVR Meetup group which has great featured fireside chats in VR every Monday from 6:30pm-8pm EST.

Finally, check out the official Ethereal Summit agenda, which also features VR sessions hosted by TokenSmart in Cryptovoxels.

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