Crypto’s Impact on the Real Estate Industry — Conf Call, June 22, 1–2pm ET

Lou Kerner
Jun 20, 2018 · 3 min read

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Real estate is one of the world’s largest asset classes. We estimate that real estate accounts for 20%+ of the total of privately held tokenizable assets:

Source: CryptoOracle

In addition, real estate drives numerous other industries, such as banking, construction and services.

However, real estate assets are often illiquid, with transactions heavily regulated and time-consuming. The fragmentation of the global real estate market hinders the deployment of capital into the asset class. Lack of information on service providers is a challenge in efficiently managing properties, especially at scale.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency offer potential solutions to these and other challenges faced by the global real estate industry. As security tokens continue to gain traction, their use for financing real estate crypto projects seems a natural. Crypto solutions can help address cross-border and regulatory obstacles. Crypto can also help provide better information on real estate service providers, and thus improve the market in their services.

Given the large and wide-ranging potential impact of crypto on real estate, we’ve put together three thought leaders driving the crypto real estate revolution to address the potential for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to disrupt the global real estate industry. The call will leave at least 15 minutes at the end for questions. Please see the speaker bios below.

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Speaker Bios:

Jess Davis — Founder & CEO, Überstate. Überstate is a real estate cloud funding platform, which looks to revolutionize the way real estate investing is conducted, recently announcing an investment of $1 million in the tokens of HADACoin, for blockchain banking. Jess has over 10 years of experience in commercial real estate sales and investments.

Jonathan Handler — Founder & CEO, YINC. YINC has developed an innovative platform using blockchain technology to solve the myriad issues in the service-to-hire industry for both consumers and real estate management companies. YINC has already procured commitments from over 30 major commercial real estate companies, with over $10 billion in assets under management, to exclusively use its platform at launch.

Denitza Tyufekchieva — Co-Founder and Business Development Manager, Propy a Silicon Valley-based tech company facilitating cross-border real estate transactions. Propy streamlines the real estate purchase process with payment and title deed issuance, and is integrating a blockchain ledger to enable title transfers online as a final step of a purchase for certain types of transactions. Last year, Propy conducted a token sale raising $15 million.

Ari Shpanya — Co-founder of Slice a global real-estate investing network.
Ari was formerly the CEO and founder of Wiser, an enterprise focused e-commerce SaaS platform (acquired Sep 2016). Prior to Wiser, Ari co-founded the rental platform Zent.

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