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There were three reasons “Why We Started CryptoMondays”:

1. To give back to the NYC crypto Community

2. To give back to the global crypto community & the rest of the world

3. To build our own decentralized organization

The inaugural CryptoMondays was held in NYC on January 8th, 2018. Over 300 people showed up at Bagatelle for the event.

Pic From The First CryptoMondays on 1/8/2018

The second CryptoMondays NYC the following week, had 350+ attendees and three TV crews. Little did we know that Crypto winter had already begun. But all through Crypto winter, CryptoMondays continued to grow organically. CryptoMondays L.A., our second city, started on January 29th. Today there are 15,000+ members in 53 CryptoMondays around the world

Global Map of CryptoMondays via Meetup

And now that we’re in Crypto spring, we’re seeing an acceleration of new CryptoMondays, with the latest addition being CryptoMondays Medellin. Athens, and Singapore (where I’ll be for the inaugural event on Sept. 9th) are the next cities teed up to start.

As noted earlier, since the founding of CryptoMondays, we wanted to be a decentralized organization. While we have run the organization in a very decentralized fashion, given the success of Moloch DAO and others, we believe that now is the time to DAO-ify. Here’s the plan:

Step #1 — Start The DAO With The Most Successful CryptoMondays Hosts & The Best Minds In DAOs

In addition to CryptoMondays NYC, the initial community includes Eryka Gem of CryptoMondays Miami, Mike Evron of CryptoMondays Los Angeles, Pedro Rovera of CryptoMondays San Juan, Mark Friedler of CryptoMondays San Francisco, Kaitlin Argeaux ~ KA @ DID of CryptoMondays London, Michael Amar of CryptoMondays Paris, Yair Zehavi of CryptoMondays Tel Aviv, and Tyler Roessel of CryptoMondays Shanghai.

We’re also getting help from some of the smartest minds in DAOs (see below in #3).

Step #2 — Creating A Membership Reward/Incentivization Program

Token Economics is a thing. That’s why we started the New York Token Economics Meetup. If we’re going to DAOify CryptoMondays, we need to get out token economics right. So on July 29th, at CryptoMondays NYC and CryptoMondays London, we’ll introduced our NFT program. More cities are poised to follow.

We’ve long been a believer of the power of NFTs to incentivize a community members. And we’re incredibly excited to partner with NFT.kred to develop and deploy our NFT program. On Monday (7/29), all attendees in NYC received:

  1. A CryptoMondays Global Member NFT — Allows us to directly reward the community on a global basis
The CryptoMonday Global Member NFT

2. A CryptoMondays NYC or London Member NFT- Allows us to reward members on a city by city basis.

3. An Event Specific NFT for the July 29th event in the city where you attended — allows us to reward members for attending a specific event

Event Specific NFT For Attending the 7/29/19 CryptoMonday NYC Meeteup Featuring a Fireside chat with Mike Dudas, Founder of The Block

4. NFT Ticket(s) — Representing the rewards. As our NFTs are put in to wallets, we’ll be able airdrop rewards to our members. So in addition to the first three NFTs above, each of the CryptoMondays attendees in NYC received an NFT that can be redeem a one month free trial of Genesis, The Block’s awesome premium service.

The NFT remains “un-torn” if it is not redeemed. If it is redeemed, the NFT will be “torn”, and be represented by the graphic on the right above.

Step #3- Deploy A Viable Governance & Consensus Mechanism

Decentralized Governance & Consensus is also a thing. That’s why we started the NYC Crypto Governance & Consensus Meetup. And we’re incredibly excited to partner with DAOstack to develop and deploy our Governance & Consensus mechanism. Matan Field, Co-Founder and CEO of DAOstack is a leading expert in decentralized governance, leveraging his PhD in Physics. Matan’s brilliance was on display at our January Governance & Consensus Meetup which you can watch below (also featuring the super smart thibauld):

Matan Lays Down Some Serious Governance Knowledge

We’re looking forward to governance insights from Ameen Soleimani as well.

That’s a quick overview of the plan and we’re executing on it every day.

It’s an exciting time to be alive!

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