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If You Like Decentralization, You Should Love Hard Forks

Prysm Group Is Helping Drive The Dialogue On Blockchain Economics and Governance

Given our focus on these areas, we’re encouraged by the work being done by the “blockchain economics and governance design firm” Prysm Group. The team includes multiple Phds (e.g. Cathy Barrrera, Stephanie Hurder, Hak Hakobyan) driving thought leadership on the industry’s biggest problems. Last week they hosted an event featuring Nobel Prize winner Prof. Oliver Hart to discuss decentralized systems for blockchain governance:

Event Invitation on Eventbrite

What Is Community?

A community is a collection of people who feel fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Three Hard Forks Later, Bitcoin Is Still Going Strong

The first hard fork of Bitcoin was Bitcoin Cash in August , 2017. It was a contentious fork. Today, Bitcoin Cash is the 4th most valuable cryptocurrency, with a market cap over $12 billion. Since the Bitcoin Cash fork, Bitcoin has more than doubled in value.

The American Revolution Was A Hard Fork From The U.K.

As a hard fork is simply a succession, it’s fair to say, that in large part, the United States was a hard fork from Britain. A new stand alone community was formed. And we flourished.

Hard Forks Should Be Appreciated For What They Are— A New Crypto Community Leaving A Stronger Crypto Community Behind

Whether individual hard forks turn out to be successful or not, I believe they are a core part of decentralization, and in aggregate, a massive positive for the Crypto community.



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