Proof of Stake: The Better Consensus Mechanism? Conf Call, 6/18, 1pm EST

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Proof of Stake is a consensus mechanism that provides a monetary incentive for holding or staking coins as a central element of the consensus mechanism.

Today, 13 of the top 30 cryptocurrencies, by market cap, are using a variant of Proof of Stake, representing about 10% of all market cap. And that number appears poised to grow rapidly as the ecosystem increasingly values the advantages that Proof of Stake provides. Advantages often cited include scalability, security, decentralization, and governance. But there are also many challenges to overcome in Proof of Stake.

This call will feature three experts in Proof of Stake, each coming at the it from different angles, sharing their views on the advantages, and disadvantages of Proof of Stake, and what the future holds for consensus mechanisms in general.

Questions to be addressed include will one consensus algorithm dominate? What are the biggest opportunities in layer one protocols? What should we expect to see in 2019? 2020? What other consensus mechanisms (e.g. Proof of Space Time) have the potential to be meaningful?

There will be plenty of time left at the end of the webinar for questions form the audience.

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Our three esteemed speakers are:

Tim Ogilvie, Co-Founder & CEO of Staked — Tim has spent 20 years starting and operating technology companies. Most recently, Tim founded Y-Combinator-backed Think Gaming, a SaaS data platform focused on mobile games. Previously, he was founder and CEO of, an early demand side platform (sold to Mediaocean), and was a pre-launch employee at two successful consumer internet companies, Interactive Search Holdings and Pronto (both sold to IAC/InterActiveCorp).

Medha Parlikar, Co-Founder & CEO of CasperLabs—Medha has decades of experience delivering production software at Adobe, Omniture, Avalara, and DivX. Her first formal involvement with Blockchain came in 2017 with the RChain project where she served as the tech manager for 14 months before co-founding CasperLabs in the fall of 2018. Medha has served as CasperLabs’ CEO since its inception.

Jacob Arluck with Tocqueville Group (TQ)/Tezos — Jacob focuses on ecosystem development and governance research with The Tocqueville Group (TQ), which works to advance the Tezos ecosystem.

Click here to register for the call on Zoom

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