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Stablecoins Are Killing It #17 Features Transfero Swisss & BiLira Discussing Stablecoins In Developing Countries

It was another banner week for stablecoins, as stablecoin market cap passed $20 billion, up more than 350%+ year-to-date. And USDC passed ETH as the leading collateral on MakerDAO used to mint DAI:

Episode #17, on Thursday, October 1st, from 1pm-2pm est, features two experts discussing stablecoins in developing countries.

Our 1st featured guest is Thiago Cesar, the CEO of Transfero Swiss, the creators of the BRZ, a Brazilian stablecoin. Transfero is also the largest crypto-payments processor in Brazil and a major OTC broker in Latin America. Thiago Holds an MSc from the University of London, and produced one of the first academic thesis about Bitcoin in 2014, while also being a researcher at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) within the field of digital currencies.

Our 2nd featured guest is Sinan Koc, the Co-Founder & CEO of BiLira, a Turkish Lira backed stablecoin. Previous to BiLira Sinan worked at ConsenSys Token Foundry as in NY. He then moved back to Istanbul in 2019 to start BiLira and build a blockchain ecosystem in Turkey. Sinan graduated from Wharton at U Penn studying Entrepreneurship and Finance.

We’re going to go deep with Thiago and Sinan on the financial inclusion challenges faced by most consumers in developing countries and stablecoins can help. We’ll discuss regulatory and technology challenges as well as other lessons learned deploying stablecoins in developing countries.

As always, we’ll leave plenty of times for questions from the audience

Click here to register for the call on Zoom.

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