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Stablecoins Are Killing It #18 Featuring Josh Fraser (OUSD) & Alejo Chababo (Coinary)

Click here to register for the call on Zoom.

Stablecoin market cap just passed $21 billion, helped by the 50%+ growth in BUSD over the last month:

We’ve got two great speakers for Episode #18, on Thursday, October 15th, from 1pm-2pm est. Our first guest will be Josh Fraser, co-founder of Origin Protocol, an open-source platform that enables the creation of peer-to-peer marketplaces and e-commerce applications taking out the middlemen (e.g. AirBnB, Uber …). The Origin Platform consists of a series of smart contracts at the protocol layer, intermediary APIs that allow for in-house and third-party app creation, and the application/UX layer that end-users interface with to buy/sell on the network. Origin recently announced the Origin Dollar (OUSD), which is the first stablecoin to earn a yield while it’s still in your wallet. We’re going to talk with Josh about launching a crypto company during the crypto bubble of 2017, weathering crypto winter, and emerging stronger, with a growing suite of products, including OUSD. We’ll then discuss the plan to grow OUSD and the opportunities for emerging stablecoins to innovate and grab share.

Our second guest is Alejo Chababo with Coinary, a crypto analytics firm with a focus on stablecoin analytics and information, providing background information, adoption, liquidity and performance. We’ll do a deep dive with Alejo in to the metrics driving the explosion of stablecoin market cap.

As always, we’ll leave plenty of times for questions from the audience.

Click here to register for the call on Zoom.

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