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“Stablecoins Are Killing It” #16 Featuring Consensys Leads On Stablecoins & CBDCs

Tether recently passed $15 billion in market cap as USDC surpassed $2 billion. Year-to-date, stablecoins have increased their market cap by 350%.

As another sign of growing interest, Episode #14, featuring Ampleforth founders, is now our most most watched show to date. Stablecoins are truly killing it!

Episode #16, on Thursday, September 24th, from 1pm-2pm est, features Matthieu Saint Olive, a member of ConsenSys’ strategic business development team, focused on enterprises and governments. As part of his role, Matthieu is leading ConsenSys’s strategy and delivery for CBDC, stablecoins and payment projects globally. Prior to joining ConsenSys, Matthieu spent 3 years at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as a consultant, working on Financial Services and innovation. Matthieu holds a dual degree engineering / business from Supélec and ESCP Europe.

Our second featured guest is Ludovic Courcelas, Government Strategy Lead at ConsenSys. For the last two years, Ludovic has been leading the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, a major research initiative of the European Commission that aims at analyzing blockchain use cases and setting up a coherent regulatory framework in Europe. Ludovic is also involved in multiple international efforts on decentralized identity and gaming. He is a Board Member of the Blockchain Game Alliance, an industry association committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry.

We’re going to go deep with Matthieu and Ludovic on all things stablecoin and CBDC related. We’ll discuss StableCredit, China’s CBDC and Libra. And we’ll discuss how Consensys is looking at the market and what bets they’re making in the space.

As always, we’ll leave plenty of times for questions from the audience

Click here to register for the call on Zoom.

Click here to read “10 Highlights From “Stablecoins Are Killing It” Ep. #15 — Focused On Dai Stability & The History of Money”. It was a super informative hour.



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