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“Stablecoins Are Killing It” Ep. #15 — Focuses On DAIs Stability Mechanism & How The Fed Impacts Stablecoins

Tehter just passed $15 billion in market cap and USDC just surpassed $2 billion. Stabelcoins are truly killing it!

Episode #15, on Thursday, September 17th, from 1pm-2pm est, features two well respected academics, one of which is also an operator, discussing their work on stablecoins.

Ganesh Viswanath-Natraj is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Warwick Business School where his research focuses on arbitrage conditions in foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets. Ganesh will be discussing his most recent research on stablecoins which looked at DAIs stability mechanism and how it can better maintain it’s peg.

Our second guest is Alexander Lipton, Co-Founder & CTO at Sila, which provides a simple, secure, scalable, and regulatory compliant API to make money programmable. Alex is also Visiting Professor and Dean’s Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Connection Science Fellow at MIT. In addition to talking about Sila, Alex will be discussing a recent post of his, “What the Fed’s New Inflation Coverage Means for Stablecoins.”

As always, there will be plenty of time for Q&A with the audience.

Click here to register for the call on Zoom.




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Lou Kerner

Lou Kerner

Believe Crypto is the biggest thing to happen in the history of mankind. Focused on stablecoins (founded JustStable.com) & communities (founded. CryptoMondays)

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