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“Stablecoins Are Killing It” — Episode #4, Thursday, May 28th, 1pm–2pm EST

We started “Stablecoins Are Killing It” because we believe that stablecoins are the most exciting thing going on in crypto today, as witnessed by the dramatic growth in their market cap. Our first 3 episodes were entertaining and packed with info, data and context for better understanding stablecoins.

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For our fourth show, we’re excited to be focusing on the much anticipated RAI,

a “new asset type” dubbed “reflex bonds”, whose purpose is to dampen the volatility of its collateral (e.g. Eth). Rai released it’s white paper on May 18th, co-authored by Stefan Ionescu and Ameen Solemani.

IMHO, Ameen is one of the most innovative thinkers in crypto today. Ameen learned to code so he could build Spankchain and provide financial sovereignty for people in the porn industry who struggle to get access to traditional banking services. Ameen than started MolochDAO, a minimum viable DAO that introduced “rage quitting” to the world of Ethereum grants. Vitalik, Joe Lubin, and others appreciated the innovation, and helped MolochDAO become the most well capitalized DAO. MetaCartel was started by Ameen and Peter Pan to engage a broader community than Moloch with it’s 100 Eth minimum. MetaCartel also highlighted Ameen’s talent in picking partners.

Ameen’s latest, and most ambitious project to date, is RAI, which took the Multi-Collateral DAI protocol, and made “…only the simplest changes to the original MCD codebase in order to achieve our implementation”. Ameen partnered with Stefan Ionescu on the much anticipated project, and we’re excited to have Stefan as our featured speaker on “Stablecoins Are Killing It” Episode #4.

We’ll start the show with Stefan giving a 10–15 minute overview of RAI. We’ll spend the rest of the time in a highly interactive dialogue, starting with Michael Zargham, followed by audience members, who will join the dialogue with questions and/or comments, creating a vibrant environment for discussion, education, and debate.

Our Featured Speakers:

Stefan Ionescu— Binance X fellow. Worked on blockchain scaling solutions and private credit markets. Software developer for 6 years.” And for the project: Reflexer Labs is building RAI, a low volatility, trust minimized collateral for the DeFi ecosystem. RAI offers dampened exposure to the crypto market and can be used as infrastructure for other synthetics.

Michael Zargham — Founder of BlockScience, an engineering research and design firm specializing in estimation, decision, and control of complex social and economic systems. Michael is also affiliated with the Vienna University of Economics and Business in the Institute for Cryptoeconomics. Michael earned a PhD. in Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014 where he developed novel methods for decentralized dynamic resource allocation in networked systems. His work has informed a range of operations research and data science applications in industry.

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Here’s “Stablecoins Are Killing It” Episode #2

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Lou Kerner

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