The Week In Crypto In Five Graphs (11/10/19)

Lou Kerner
Nov 9, 2019 · 4 min read

For those who love crypto & graphs that tell a compelling story

#1 Morgan Stanley Report Highlights Similarity Of Bitcoin Price Movements To NASDAQ During The Internet Bubble

Via James Faucette, Betsy Graessck, and Seena Shah

I’ve never seen a chart where all of the axis’s are on different scales (e.g. the time is twice as long for the Bitcoin line). But it’s interesting nonetheless.

You can see the entire 49 page report here:

#2 The Bitcoin Reformation” Highlights How History Rhymes

Via Tuur Demeester at Adamant Capital

The printing press dramatically reduced the cost of books (i.e. information)
The digitization of telecom services dramatically reduced the costs of Mbps (i.e.information)

In this 17 page report, Tuur Demeester makes a compelling case that “ an idea will only flourish when the circumstances are exactly ripe for it.” And he goes on to compare the conditions that made the Protestant Reformation possible, starting in 1517 when Martin Luther went public with scathing criticism of the rent-seeking practices of the Catholic Church, to the conditions that are enabling Bitcoin to thrive today. Most notably, he compares the rent seeking of the Catholic Church possible as the monopoly provider of spiritual services, to the rent seeking behavior of theInternational Monetary and Financial System (IMFS) and the fiat-settled banking system. It’s a dense read , but definitely worth it to put today’s crypto events in to historic context. While there are many conclusions, the one that resonated most with me was:

Bitcoin tolerance versus intolerance to become a major political fault line

#3 The Current System Is Unsustainable

Via Ray Dalio of Bridgewater

This graph was not in the article, but it’s illustrative of one of Dalio’s points

Following up on his widely read Paradigm Shift post in July, Ray Dalio penned “The World Has Gone Mad and the System Is Broken” this week. His conclusion is the same:

This set of circumstances is unsustainable and certainly can no longer be pushed as it has been pushed since 2008. That is why I believe that the world is approaching a big paradigm shift.

While Dalio doesn’t mention Bitcoin, I believe his writing is as bullish as anything currently written. Lots of people are thinking and saying the same thing, but few with as much eloquence and with as big a pulpit as Dalio. For instance, below is a CNBC Asia clip featuring Anne Korin, from the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, where she lays down a compelling argument that the current financial system is UNSUSTAINABLE:

#4 Binance’s Dominance On Display

Via Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital

Thesis-driven crypto investment firm Multicoin Capital has long been one of the most sophisticated providers of crypto research. Their last piece on Binance in February, laid out a bullish case for BNB , then trading at $10.06 (it’s now $20.34). Their latest 17 page report, “Binance is Blitzscaling” provides an in depth look at how Binance is successfully executing on its aggressive strategy to dominate the crypto exchange and related markets. Nowhere is that dominance more apparent than in the chart above which highlights Binance’s position as the most liquid exchange in 49 of the top 50 traded tokens. In fact, Bitcoin SV is the only top 50 token that Binance doesn’t dominate trading in, and that’s because Binance delisted it in April, 2019. What’s even more impressive, is that their dominance has all come about since they launched the exchange in July, 2017

#5 A Compelling Argument For Bitcoin & Dollar Cost Averaging

Via is a great site providing live charts and information via on-chain analysis to give insight to Bitcoin investors. The chart above highlights that purchases made on 93.2% of all days since Bitcoin’s birth, would have been profitable. This simply highlights the portfolio SCIENCE of dollar cost averaging.

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Thought leaders in all things Crypto

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