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Why We Started CryptoMondays

On December 30th, I published My Seven Crypto New Year’s Resolutions, my first resolution was:

#1 CryptoMondays

This is the easiest initiative to accomplish and will likely be the most fun. We (meaning our company CryptoOracle) just want to spend our Monday nights hanging with others as passionate about Crypto as we are. There are no guest speakers or panels at CryptoMondays. It’s just a a place to go on Mondays and be with like minded people.

Crypto Mondays is starting in NYC on Monday, January 8th at 6:30pm. Click here to join our Meetup, CryptoMondays NYC. Let us know if you want to start Crypto Mondays in your hometown. I think it’s going to be a thing.


The first CryptoMondays NYC was awesome! See pics here. And since announcing Crypto Mondays on January 1st, we’ve been contacted by friends and Crypto enthusiasts we didn’t yet know, who want to start Crypto Monday in 15 cities including Los Angeles, Toronto, San Diego, London, Baltimore, Johannesburg, Dublin, and Dubai, to name just a few.

The idea behind this post is to give the CryptoMondays initiative even more momentum by additional clarity on the three reasons we started Crypto Mondays and how we hope Crypto Mondays will evolve.

1. Giving Back To The NYC Crypto Community

Almost everyone who has been in Crypto has gotten more from Crypto than they could have ever imagined. So we all should be thinking of giving back to the community that has given us so much. CryptoMondays NYC is our way of helping the NYC community by providing a place for anyone who’s passionate about Crypto to be with others who feel the same. The magic of Meetups is it’s ability to aggregate people who share a passion. And what’s better than just hanging with others who share our passions? An inevitable outcome of Crypto Mondays will be friendships and business relationships that strengthen the Crypto community. And how great is that!

2. Giving Back To The Global Crypto Community & The Rest Of The World

Just as Crypto Mondays NYC is strengthening the Crypto community in NYC, we’re working with Crypto enthusiasts around world, who are reaching out, so they can bring CryptoMondays to their hometown. We’ll use our resources to help make every Crypto Mondays a success, strengthening Crypto communities around the world. While Crypto Mondays NYC is already positively impacting the NYC Crypto community, CryptoMondays in other less Crypto developed cities can have an even greater positive impact.

All monies raised from CryptoMondays will go to Crypto related charities. The first monies raised are the revenue split we get from the locations we’re holding the events (Bagatelle’s in NYC is giving us 10%). As we expand, we should be able to attract local, national and global sponsors who want to associate with the CryptoMondays mission.

3. Building Another Decentralized Organization

In November I wrote a post detailing Why Decentralized Companies Are So F****** Cool To Work At, which started by mentioning the fact that “… six months ago, I don’t think I had ever used the word decentralization…..Yet, I was a partner at two decentralized companies, Flight VC (a decentralized VC)…and Chameleon Collective (a decentralized consultancy). How weird is that?” Now I get to be a part of a third great decentralized organization.

The Co-Organizers across all the CryptoMondays will decide the process by which we donate the CryptoMonday proceeds to charity. We’ll collectively decide how to evolve CryptoMondays. The major way we’ll get better at running decentralized organizations, is by running more decentralized organizations.

So that’s what’s up with CryptoMondays. Please join us in NYC on the 15th, and/or the 22nd, and/or … you get the pattern. Please join CryptoMondays L.A. on the 29th. More cities coming soon.

Let us know if you want to start CryptoMonday where you live (email us at start one in your city by emailing CryptoMondays@CryptoOracle.io). You’ll be making your Crypto community, and the world, a better place, one CryptoMonday Meetup at a time.

To help spread the word about Crypto Monday “Clap” at least five times below.



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